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Mrs. Geers, Mrs. Neff, Ms. Trotta and Mrs. S rotated amongst kindergarten rooms at the end of November to enjoy a new experience. Each teacher created a November themed activity for the classes. Activities included: water color paints, a cornucopia craft, Hide the Turkey/STEM building and a Turkey craft. It was a great opportunity to get to know new faces!

EarlyAct Club Meetings

Meetings for the month of December are:

Friday 12/7 and 12/21 at 8AM


Thank you so much for supporting our first Tawanka Family Pasta Dinner! Your generosity in supplying all of those delicious desserts was a great help! We served almost 300 meals and fun was had by all. The donations ensured that our families facing tough times will have a happy holiday season.

We would also like to thank our Tawanka families for all the generous food donations we received. We were able to make 15 Thanksgiving baskets along with extra items for future meals. We truly have a very generous community at Tawanka!

Thank you for your continued support!!

Your Tawanka Nurses

Holiday Shop Volunteers Needed

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Mr. Gosser Technology coach - teaching Mrs. S’s Class how to import activities independently.
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Third Grade

The third graders finished their Structures of Life science unit by spending some time with our Bess Beetles. Students had a chance to investigate the structures they had, observed their behaviors, and compared them to our crayfish.

physical education

Tawanka students are practicing jump rope, hula hoop and obstacle course to maintain and improve their fitness level and agility.

First Grade

Mrs. Curtin’s class had fun being Engineers by constructing towers with their Science Partners.

Third Grade

The Tawanka Third Grade celebrated our “Character Counts” theme. Each teacher awarded eight worthy students in the respective categories of: Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courage, Citizenship, Positivity & Cooperation.

Mrs. Tryon's Award winners

Respect- Dylan O’Connell

Honesty- Leah Shedaker

Responsibility- Brandon Joynt

Perseverance- AnnaMaria Mygovych

Courage- Daniele Salininas

Citizenship- Carly Ruane

Positivity- Scott Burns

Cooperation- Penelope Watson

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Mrs. McGinty's Award Winners

Respect- Bella Robinson

Honesty- Ilyas Aydogan

Responsibility- Rianna Miller

Perseverance- Reagan Schwartz

Courage- Caroline Basalik

Citizenship- Ava Hackett

Positivity- Paige Waskie

Cooperation- Joy Peterson

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Mrs. Millevoi's Award Winners

Respect- Michael Blyumina

Honesty- Ashlee Landman

Responsibility- Rilley Weir

Perseverance- Mya Jackson

Courage- Moustafa Amer

Citizenship- Lily Ebert

Positivity- Jack Sanchez

Cooperation- Leda Boell

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Mrs. Sylvester's Award Winners

Respect- Sy Kavitsky, Catie Melhuish

Honesty- David Laking

Responsibility- Malachi Heitz

Perseverance-Gracie Ebert, Aubrey Benz

Courage-Joanna Marsden

Citizenship- Samuel Murray

Positivity- Dominic Saldana-Paredes

Cooperation-Ryan Del Buono

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Mr. Wyatt's Award Winners

Respect-Kenzo Ferreira

Honesty-Jeremy Gripp

Responsibility-Isabella Riley

Perseverance-Liam Johnson

Courage-Tyler Davis

Citizenship-Lucas Betz

Positivity-Devorah Dailey

Cooperation-Elijah Freilich

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Mrs. Davis' Award Winners

Respect- Billy Reinhart

Honesty- Caden Buretta

Responsibility- Mariah Ward

Perseverance- Vanessa O'Flynn

Courage- Madelyn McVaugh

Citizenship- Brinley Buretta

Positivity- Isabella Belac

Cooperation- Joshua Jophy

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The PTO was presented with a check for $300 from the Lower Southampton Police Department. The money will go towards our Holiday Gift Wish List.

Tawanka thanks them for their generous gift!!

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Cold and Flu Season

Just a friendly reminder children need to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.
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