BTEC National Level 3 Business

West Lakes Academy A-Level Courses

The Course

The BTEC Business course equivalent to an A-Level, but everything is done through course work, so there is no exam involved with this course. You can take Single or Double award, and it is marked out of Pass, Merit and Distinction. There are 42 uints all togther. If you chose single you will do six units over the two years and if you chose double you will do 12 units alltogether.

A-Level Equivelent

Your selected business will mark you work out of pass, merit and distinstion.

Pass = grade E

Merit =grade C

Distinstion=grade A

Distinstion*=grade A*

The UCAS points are the same as getting the equivelent grade at Level.

Assessmet Mathods

Each unit of work is made up of pass, merit and distintion sections which are all made up of course work and there is no exam invovled with this course as it is a BTEC.

Progess Routes

A business A-Level will open up doors for apprenticeships and university course to help you carry on with your passion in business. It also helps you understand the different jobs invovled in the business world.

Extras - trips and speakers

Local business people come into to talk about what it is like running a business in the real world and also what you could do after your sixth form studies. You also get a trip out to a local of your groups chose.