The show me State, Kansas city

by Sarah and Emma

The local forecast for Kansas City Missouri

Hello and welcome to Good morning Kansas city, MO. Here is today’s forecast. Today is May 29. It will be a hot and a little sticky today with temperatures at about 81º F. Scattered showers could form, but for the most part, it will partly sunny. The wind will be coming from the south at about 16 mph. The barometric pressure is 29.76”. So that means low pressure. The cloud cover is mostly altocumalus which means thunderstorms.

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What you need for today's weather

It will be hot and sticky so get out those shorts. Make sure your kids have shorts, shirts, and bathing suits and drink a lot of water because it’s going to be hot. But don’t forget your umbrellas because there is supposed to be scattered showers. Don’t worry you won’t be boiling because there will be a nice breeze.

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Geographical Features

Many geographical features impact the climate of Kansas City, Missouri. Well there is not a lot of water in Kansas city. There is only 811 square miles of water and 68,898 miles are land. So Missouri does not get a breeze from the ocean and there is not a large accumulation of water (i.e. lakes, rivers, etc.). The mean elevation of Missouri is 800 feet above sea level. The highest point of Missouri is 1,772 feet above sea level. It may get very hot in the summer but it gets very cold in the winter. The lowest temperature recorded in Kansas City Missouri was -40º recorded on February 13 1905.

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The arch

The Gateway arch is a big arch in St. Louis Missouri. It was a monument for Thomas Jefferson. It's 630 feet and 63 stories. It's the tallest man made monument in the nation. The construction for the monument was started on February 12, 1963. It was finished on October 28, 1965.

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