Internet Filtering

School System Filtering

Frequently Blocked Sites

  • most blocked for both teacher and student access
  • some sites have limited access
  • webfilter-Websense
  • can obtain access

Digital Curation Platforms

  • access available for teachers
  • limited student access
  • researched lesson ideas
  • viewed pages of others
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  • no access
  • Porta Portal-Cool Math
  • some access under video for teachers
  • only educational games

Websense Protection Options

  • Filter inappropriate content, malicious code and other threats
  • Control access to protocols such as IM, P2P and streaming media
  • Provide controlled social media access
  • Prioritize network access according to users, time of day and other parameters

Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

  • no information given about specific blocked sites
  • sites deemed pornographic, obscene or material NPS deems harmful
  • use is for approved educational purposes
  • no steps for unblocking published on policy
  • Superintendent selects and operates technology protection

Please, Please, Please Letter

Norfolk Public Schools

800 E. City Hall Ave.

Norfolk, VA 23510

Re: Unblock YouTube

I am writing to plead for access to YouTube in the classroom. I understand the possible dangers if access were granted to the wrong individuals. I would like to propose monitored, full access to teachers for educational support and enhanced lessons.

I am a teacher who loves to engage my students. I love to relate concepts to real-life situations and take trips to places that we neither have the means or money to physically reach. Many of my lessons include times when I have to take a brief intermission to bring life to a concept that I am teaching. I am often moved to show my students a short video that can enhance their learning. Often times, I spend an extended period of time getting knocked down by the filters put in place and have to use a resource that does not add as much value to my lesson. I am a witness to how this tool enhances learning. Students have been able to see and hear instruments they did not know existed or watched a movie about an interesting person they were studying in social studies. They have even been able to take a tour of a country they were studying. In a district where our students do not have many experiences outside of their own community, I feel it my duty to expose them to those most appropriate experiences.

I welcome your positive feedback and your willingness to work in harmony for the betterment of our students. I look forward to hearing from you.


Tanisha M. Ricks

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