It Says...I say...and So....

child obesity

it says

‘’most Canadian children spend too much time in front of TV and computer screens; don't get the expert-recommended 90 minutes a day of exercise; eat too much fat and junk food; consume too many sugary drinks and don't eat the recommended five daily servings of fruit and vegetables.’’

i say..and so..

I think children are becoming much lazier than pasts generation

eating the right amount of healthy foods and getting exercise for their own benefit. i think this is very dangerous and people should be eating the fit.not exercising and not eating healthy can lead to serious health problems. Spending too much time in TV or computer can lower your academic grade. These can cause obesity which can be dangerous leading to health concerns. This is very risky to your health this can cause serious health issues like diabetes and even cancer.

parents should limit their children's screentime.and encourage their children to eat healthy. People should raise awareness of what problems it can lead to.and children should be educated about it.