Speight Technology Bulletin

Week of January 11 - January 15

What's up this week at Speight Middle?

Events or times may be subject to change as the week progresses. :)

Monday, January 11th

  • Math department meeting @ 3:30 in the PD room.

Tuesday, January 12th

  • Aspire testing starts today for 8th grade.

Wednesday, January 13th

  • PBIS meeting @ 3:30 in the media center.

Thursday, January 14th

  • Send your list of apps you would like added to the student devices by today.

Friday, January 15th

  • Have a happy 3 day weekend! :-)
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The following students have iPads out for repairs this week:

  1. Nick Davis
  2. Anaya Barnes
  3. Ricardo Olivares
  4. Rubi Perez
  5. Gabby Mendoza
  6. LyNiah Ellis
  7. Kanijah Finch
  8. CJ Combs
  9. Kassidy Thomas
  10. Makaylin Rogers
  11. Jenna Batchelor
  12. Jahshad McNeil
  13. Kenya Tune
  14. James Hendrix
  15. Michael Strickland
  16. Pheonix Everett
  17. JahQuez Artis

Please continue to encourage your students to handle these devices with care. We've had a lot of cracked screens lately!
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The following iPads are ready to be picked up from the library:

  1. Shaniya Foreman
  2. Shaina Clifton
  3. Dylan Pollock
  4. Alicia Hyden

Please remind them to bring their iPad cases and their loaner iPad if they had one.

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Sentence Highlighting

Periodically highlight a sentence and analyze it for complexity in the

following manner:

a. Find the verb(s): “What’s the action?”Beware of verbs that act as nouns.

b. Find the subject: “What is this sentence about?”

c. Break the sentence down into shorter sentences by getting rid of conjunctions or subordinators.

d. Ask who, what, where, when, how, etc. questions.

e. Underline unfamiliar words.

f. If there are pronouns, make sure students know what each stands for.

g. Look for transition words to connect ideas.

h. Have students reread the sentence or talk it over with someone else.

-Thanks to Ms. Lofton for providing this week's classroom strategy! :-)

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Technology Tip of the Week - Tween Tribune

Have your students search for current events using Tween Tribune! Tween Tribune is operated by the Smithsonian and has articles for students to read. You can search by topic such as technology, science, education, etc. Each story can be viewed by different lexile levels and each article has a quiz that students can take to check for understanding. They even have a Spanish section where all the articles are written in Spanish. Visit http://tweentribune.com/ to check it out!

iPad Accessories Ready for Pick Up

Please send kids highlighted in Green to pick up their paid accessories. Thanks!


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EdCamp East is back! EdCamp is a type of PD where the attendees create the sessions and have opportunities to work with other teachers around the county, as well as surrounding counties. It is a free session and they will provide breakfast and lunch. They also have free educational goodies to give as well. See you there! You can sign up by visiting this link -->bit.ly/edcampeastnc

Attention, Attention!

If you have any important info that you need displayed on the Speight's webpage or Facebook page, please let Ms. Baugh know! Parents have been looking at our webpage and our Facebook and we want to keep them informed!

Also, if you're incorporating technology into your lessons, please take some pics and share them with me! I can add them to our newsletter and school website! Thanks! :-)