Survival soceity

come join are theocracy and direct democracy society

how will are government deal with anarchy?

we will use theocracy type of government to deal with anarchy because religious beliefs will help. dictatorship wouldn't work because the dictator would not listen to the people. monarchy is the same way. because the king or queen is like a dictator

how will the government keep you safe from the zombies?

theocracy and direct democracy is the best to keep people safe because, the people and the leader will consult on how to find a cure.we also would consult the bible cause most the time there's a cure in the bible.

why will our type of government be the best to find a cure?

theocracy is best type of government to find a cure because we will consult the bible and a priest. Then consult with the people of the society and figure out what is the best option. a dictatorship wouldn't work because the leader wouldn't consult the people.

how will our government be able to make decisions in dangerous time like this?

theocracy mean ruled by religious beliefs that mean we would pray and consult the priest. Then there's direct democracy we would talk about the decisions and vote on what to do. The monarchy wouldn't work because there's no religious leader or person to consult.

what type of economy?

we would use a traditional economy so we would trade good for other goods. Like food for fire wood. The market economy would not work because there would be now use for money in a zombie apocalypse.
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