4th Grade Newsletter

Friday, May 6

NWEA Testing Update

Thank you to everyone who has completed their NWEA math and reading test! If you have not yet completed both tests, please check your kmail and daily plan for a make-up testing session.

MSTEP Testing

Fourth graders will begin MSTEP testing the week of May 9 with most students testing on May 10 and 11. Fourth graders will be tested in ELA, math, and science.

The fourth grade teaching team will be out of the office on May 10 and 11 to help proctor the MSTEP. Class connect sessions will be limited this week due to testing.

Any time spent testing can be logged as attendance in the OLS! Math can go under math red, ELA under Literature 4 or MARK 12, and science under science.


DIBELS testing will most likely begin the week of May 16. For DIBELS you will read 3 passages, retell the passages, and complete a short fill-in-the-blank activity. The entire test will be administered 1-on-1 and should only take 15 minutes.

Sign-up sheets for DIBELS will be going out soon!

OLS Progress Reminder

Our last day of school is June 13! That means we only have 5 weeks of school left! Make sure you are logging in every day and completing 2% - 3% in each subject per week!

Due to testing, class connect sessions may be limited over the next few weeks. Less time in CC sessions means more time to work in the OLS!

Reminder: trying unmastered assessments again is a great way to increase progress.

Click on course name > not mastered > lesson checkpoint.

Book Review Reminder

Your book review from unit 4 in composition is due on Friday, May 20.

To receive full credit for this book review you should:

1) Choose a book you have already read to review. Include the title and author in your review.
2) Gather information on the author to include in your review.
3) Write a summary of the story including the plot, characters, and setting.
4) Write your recommendation (if others should read the book or not, and why).
5) Write 3 - 5 paragraphs.
6) Edit and revise your writing before submitting via Google Doc on May 20.

Math Reminder

We have been teaching the math units in order of importance, which may not line up with how they are ordered in the OLS. Here is the order you should be following:

Unit 1: Whole Number Sense
Unit 2: Whole Number Operations
Unit 3: Applications of Operations
Unit 4: Lines, Angles, and Rotation
Unit 11: Geometry
Unit 5: Fraction Sense
Unit 8: Fraction Operations
Unit 9: Decimals and Equality with Fractions
Unit 6: Measurement
Unit 7: Semester Review
Unit 10: Mathematical Reasoning
Unit 12: Algebraic Thinking
Unit 13: Area/Perimeter
Unit 14: Semester Review

Having A Tough Time With Multiplication? Make A Multiples Pyramid And Keep It By Your Work Station!

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