Warren MiIddle School

Learn about some extra-curricular groups, clubs, and sports.


The purpose of track is for people who would like to run. There are very good things about Track: Like, By doing Track will keep you fit, you will be able to run longer and faster, and it works out your legs. Although there are good things about Track, there are also challenging things such as: When you run when you're not used to it, you feel very sore, and also early practices.

Cross Counrty

The purpose of Cross Country is for people who like to run long distances. Some good things about Cross Country are that you can work out your legs, you'll be challenged, and it will help your running; On the other hand, Your body can get very sore, you will need lots of energy, and running when you're not used to it.


The purpose of Robotics is to expand your engineering and creative mind. The good things about Robotics is that you go to competitions, it's very fun, and you learn to be more creative. Although, it is very fun, some people do not like competitions, and Robotic projects are very time-consuming, and sometimes you have a partner you don't wish to have.


The purpose for P.E. is for people who do not want to do Athletics for you're own reason. There are many good things as well as hard things such as: It's fun, you don't have to do anything athletic, and you do not have to wear uniforms. Though, there are many god reasons to join, there are some things some people would not want to join: You won't get fit, won't be challenged, and will not build an athletic body.


The purpose for Athletics is to better yourself in differnt ways. Like getting fit, challenging yourself and having determination; however, some bad things are that you must run and do warm-ups, and exercise.