By: Liam Beerman


I am here to tell you about Maine. Maine is a great place to relax or go hiking on one of our many mountains like Sugarloaf or Elephant mountain. Experience some of the best restaurants you will ever eat from. The capital of Maine is Augusta. Maine is known for its White pine trees, its state bird is the Chickadee, state flower is the white pine cone and tassel, and the state fish is the Atlantic Salmon. That why you should come to Maine.

Now for some history on Maine

Maine broke free from Massachusets and became its own state on March 15, 1820 but about 11,500 years ago from today the Paleo indians setteled as the story goes. Then about 1000 years AD it is believed that norse saliors lead by Leif Erikson discovered new land wich turned out to be Maine later on. In 1524 was the first confirmed Maine discovery.

I hope you can come to Maine