2.1 Government: My Own Constitution


My mission is to make an organization that not only focuses on leadership but also family related things even better than before. FCCLA stands for Family Career and Community Leaders of America, this organization focuses on promoting leadership and the importance of family.



The president will create the chapter meeting schedule. Also the president will call the meeting into session and discuss what is going on and what we can do to help our community and our school. At the end of the meeting the president will close the meeting with the formal closing ceremony.
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At the meetings the secretary will write down everything that is being discussed. If someone makes a motion to do something, the secretary must write it down to be documented. The secretary also keeps track of everyones points for how much they take part in this organization.


The treasurer finds out how much money we make through work we do for the community and how much our chapter can spend on projects for the community. The treasurer also figures out the total balance of our account and how much can be spent on going to various leadership conferences.
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Vice President

The vice president will assist the President in making important decisions for the chapter as well as help plan the chapter meetings.



Every member must attend each meeting that the chapter holds. If a member is not present for one meeting they will lose 5 points. For each meeting you miss, you lose 5 points. After missing 3 meetings in one year, being sick or gone the day of a meeting is an exception, then you can no longer be an FCCLA member.


To attend a trip you must attend at least 75% of the meetings throughout the year. Anyone who has been to every single meeting and event will get three-quarters of their trip paid for. To get a portion of your trip paid for you can only miss 2 meetings and must be involved in community projects.