Lord of the Flies Project

By: Gus Bondi

Types of governments and how they relate to the story

Government that Jack's tribe represents - I would say that Jack's tribe represents a dictatorship. Jack is in charge of everyone and he makes sure they now he's in charge. The boys in the tribe are basically acting as his thugs to carry out his dirty work against Ralph and the others. One quote that shows how Jacks tribe is run like a dictatorship is when Eric and Sam told Ralph "He's coming to see if were keeping watch. Quick, Ralph hide." (chapter 12, pg. 190) This quote shows how the boys are being controlled by Jack and are fearful of him.

Government that Ralph's tribe represents - Ralphs tribe represents more of a democracy type style of government. It is run very similarly to a Democratic Republic style government. Everyone has the right to vote and choose pretty much what they want to do. However their are rules and regulations that they have to follow and if they don't then they are held accountable usually just with verbal reminders. Their is no harsh punishment. One quote that represents how this is a democracy is when Piggy would say "I got the conch" (Quote is used many times throughout the story) this symbolizes how the conch is suppose to bring everyone together and it makes sure that anyone who has the conch gets a chance to speak. Ralphs tribe also holds meeting where they discuss problems which is a common thing that many democracy type style governments do.

My Island Society Government

If I were to decide on a style of government for my own island society I would have a Democratic Republic style of government. This is the same type of government the United States has. I feel that this would be the most affective choice because this way everyone pretty much has the ability to do as they please and vote on certain things. This is the most fair type of government to have and it insures that their will be as little conflict as possible between the people on my island. However just like any society or government their is going to be rules and if these rules are broken there will be punishments. Also the punishments will be very strictly enforced to ensure that order is kept.

My Island society Constitution

1. Everyone will have the right to vote.

2. Everyone will have freedom of speech.

3. If you are arrested or suspected of a crime you will have the right to an attorney and fair trial.

4. In order for leaders to be elected they will have to be voted in by the people.

5. The society will not be divided everyone will have equal opportunity to succeed.

6. Taxes will also be equal no person or group will have to pay more or less taxes than another person or group.

7. There will be as little government involvement as possible in business and society.

8. Those who break rules will be punished to the full extent of the law depending on how harsh the crime.

9. Crimes like murder, robbery, rape, extortion and other serious offenses will not be tolerated.

10. Everyone will have the ability to a have a free education except for college where if you can't afford it you will at least have the ability to apply for free college or you can apply for financial aid.

These rules and regulations will be enforced by Law Enforcement officials who have extensive training in there field of work.

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Real life example of country/government conflict

The best example that has happened recently within the past 20 years was the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. After the U.S. toppled his regime everything in that country turned to chaos however it was much worse before the U.S. got involved because Saddam was a ruthless dictator who did not care about his country or people. The population was greatly affected and many people lost their lives. People didn't have jobs or an active government. People were afraid to vote because of Radical groups like the Taliban who were trying to take over Iraq and still are. Their is very little order and Iraq was and some parts still are like the Wild West. After the gov't Saddam had in place fell it has been very hard for the Iraqis to form a working gov't again and to find the right leaders. Also the Iraqis have to constantly deal with threats from the Taliban trying to take over. One quote from the book that parallels this conflict and the book is when Jack says to Ralph "I'm the chief." (Chapter 12 pg. 183) This quote shows how Jack is very much like a dictator just like Saddam and he poses a great threat to everyone and needs to be taken out. Jack wants to be the only one in charge and with power, and he will do anything to make sure he does.
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Current Political conflict/War between two opposing parties

One conflict that has gotten a lot of attention lately between the Republican party and Democratic party is the talk of increased gun control and better background checks. The Republicans agree somewhat that their should be more background checks however they completely disagree and are angered about the Democrats trying to ban assault weapon style firearms and limits on magazine capacity and green tipped high velocity rounds. The republicans have a lot of support through the NRA and many gun activists groups which greatly helps them in their constant fight to uphold the 2nd amendment. The Democrats however also have many people who side with them because of events like columbine and sandy hook. They have gained many supporters because of these horrific events. The Republicans reasoning on why their should be less gun control is so that in case a tyrannical government were to ever try and take control people can defend themselves. Also their reasoning is that you can't punish or take things away from law abiding citizens because ultimately if a criminal wants a gun bad enough they will get one someway or another. The Republicans also state that more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens deters violence. The Democrats reasoning is that simple weapons like the AR-15 and 30 round capacity magazines are impractical. They think that such weapons serve no legitimate purpose and they should only be allowed in the hands of trained professionals like the Police and Armed Forces. That is their argument. So far there is no approach to really solve this conflict this is one of those things where people are constantly going to bump heads and not figure out a solution. However I personally think based on this information that the Democrats will never win this battle because when you think about it this nation was founded and started by men with guns who stood up against England. Also I think that the Republicans have better support and better reasoning than the Democrats do.
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