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For the week of January 28-Feb 1

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Mission Statement

  • Lapeer Community Schools is a dynamic community organization embracing our students with a quality learning environment, developing independent and confident learners for the future.

#TurrillTough means...

At Turrill we're not just building things. We want to work with our parents to build better people!! A Community of Success!

We think that each one of us is strong individually but we are even stronger when we work together.

Taking the time to acknowledge the kind deeds of others is...

...being Turrill Tough!!

Parent Drop off and PickUp Reminders

  • Please remain in your car and have your children enter/exit on the side nearest the sidewalk.
  • Have your children unbuckle and prepare for exiting your car as you pull forward to the drop off
  • Please pull forward as far as you can
  • Merge to the pass through lane after dropping off or picking up your children
  • If you have to exit your vehicle please use a parking space

Vision Statement

Excellence in all we do for our students, our schools and our community through

  • Continuous improvement;
  • Diligent effort; and
  • Innovative design

Important Times

Office Hours during the School Year:

8:15 am -- Office opens

8:35 am -- Student supervision outside of school begins (please do not leave your child unsupervised)

8:40 am -- Building opens; Students enter the building (breakfast available in the classrooms)

8:44 am -- School day begins

3:40 pm -- End of the school day

4:15 pm -- Office closes

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What's Up this Week?

Monday, January 28 -

  • Instructional Rounds at LHS
  • Reading aloud is one of the most important things parents can do with their children

Tuesday, January 29 -

  • Reading aloud builds many important foundational skills, introduces vocabulary, provides a model of fluent, expressive reading, and helps children recognize what reading for pleasure is all about

Wednesday, January 30 -

  • TAG at 7:50
  • 5th Grade Turrill Parent Night at Rolland Warner from 6:00-7:00

Thursday, January 31 -

  • Good News Club after school

Friday, February 1 -

  • PTC Popcorn Day

5th Grade Turrill Parent Night at Rolland-Warner

Wednesday, Jan. 30th, 6-7pm

3145 West Genesee Street

Lapeer, MI

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Congratulations to our December and January Young Scholars!

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Kids Heart Challenge (formerly known as Jump Rope for Heart)

Our PE teacher, Miss Eisinger, is coordinating Turrill's Kids Heart Challenge this year. If you are able, donations can be sent to your child's classroom teacher by Friday, February 8th.

A link to the online website is below if you have friends or family that wish to contribute to Turrill’s Total!


Parent Homework

How can you help your child at home to be more successful at school?

  • Read with your child at home - make it a fun and special time

Sharing wordless books is a terrific way to build important literacy skills, including listening skills, vocabulary, comprehension and an increased awareness of how stories are structured. Here are some tips for sharing wordless picture books with a child.

Below are a few tips for sharing wordless picture books with a child:

  • Recognize that there are no "right" or "wrong" ways to read a wordless book. One of the wonderful benefits of using wordless books is how each child creates his own story (or stories!) from the same pictures.
  • Spend time looking at the cover and talking about the book's title. Based on those two things, make a few predictions about the story.
  • Take a "picture walk" through the pages of the book. Enjoy the illustrations, which are often rich with detail. Look carefully at the expressions on characters' faces, the setting and the use of color. Talk to each other about what you see. These conversations will enrich the storytelling.
  • Enjoy the pictures and point out a few things, but don't worry too much about telling a story yet. Just enjoy the pictures and get a sense of what the book is about.
  • Go back through the book a second time and get ready for some great storytelling! Consider going first and acting as a model for your child. Ham it up! Have characters use different voices, add sound effects and use interesting words in your version of the book.
  • Encourage your child to "read" you the book with his story. Focus on the words your child uses when he tells the story. Help your child expand his sentences or thoughts by encouraging him to add information from the illustration's details. One way to encourage more details is by asking "W" questions: Who? Where? When? Why?
  • Finish your wordless book sharing by asking a few simple questions: What pictures helped you tell the story? What was your favorite part of your story? Have you had an experience like the one in your story?

Tips for Selecting Books:

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February Intersession Information

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