2nd Grade Class News

Mrs. Gaudette, Miss Holden, Mrs. Karstaedt, Mrs. Mitchell

Week of January 11, 2016

Reader's Workshop

Making Our Reading More Fluent

Students will continue to practice making their reading more fluent through rereading and making sure their reading matches the 'mood' that the author is conveying through the story. As well, students will learn to create an image or a "movie in their mind" as they read stories to help them visualize and therefore understand what is happening in the text.


As we begin to wrap up unit 9 and our focus on the r-controlled vowels (ar, or, er, ir and ur), students will practice their spelling skills as they use letter tile boards to create nonsense words and then change letters to create a real word. After the unit test in the middle of the week, students will begin unit 10 and their focus will be targeted towards vowel teams, primarily focusing on ai and ay which make a long a sound.

Writer's Workshop

Our Poetry's "Language"

This week in writer's workshop, students will continue to write their poems as they learn ways to try out spelling. Often times they let this become an obstacle for them and in turn never get all their thoughts on the paper. This week they will receive a few strategies for how to figure out some of these words. As well, they will learn how to create new poems based on poems they have already written. These poems may then spark ideas for new ones. Lastly, after learning strategies for spelling, students will experiment with how to choose the just right words for their writing.


Mid - Year Benchmark Testing

This week in math students will continue to practice their math facts in daily drills, however, students will begin and complete their mid-year math benchmark. At the end of the week they will also complete an Aimsweb assessment in math.

Social Studies & Science

In Science, students will begin learning about the four stages of the water cycle as well as the different types of clouds we see. We will primarily focus on the most common ones such as cumulus, stratus and nimbus clouds. How many can you recognize?

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January 18th

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