After Playlist

Inspired by the novel by Amy Efaw

Overview of the Playlist

The following playlist is for After by Amy Efaw; Devon had everything planned out for her future at even just sixteen. But that all changed when IT happened, she gave birth in her bathroom and shoved her baby in a trash can behind her house.

The songs I've selected are mostly heart felt country because it would reflect on what Devon's feelings throughout the book.

Song 1:'' Let it hurt'' by Rascal Flatts

In the beginning of the book Devon is in complete pain doesn't really know what happened. She puts on a brave face and acts like everything is fine.I imagine this song playing when Devon is sitting on her couch and her mom is trying to ask her how her day is and all she is doing is just sitting there in pain.

Song 2: ''A little bit stronger'' by Sarah Evens

When Devon gets released from the hospital and is heading to the court hearing. They give her what she could be charged with and send her on to jail. They show her around and what to do. I imagine this song playing when she is in her cell by herself and she is starting to think over what she has done and starting to feel a little better.

Song 3: ''Temporary Home'' by Carrie Underwood

Later in the book when Devon and her lawyer meet for the first time and Devon's lawyer is trying to discuss the case with her and all Devon is think is that I do not belong here I did nothing wrong. I imagine this song playing when she first meets up with her lawyer and Devon says she doesn't belong there.

Song 4: ''Because of you'' by Kelly Clarkson

When Devon is in her cell when she just got done talking to her lawyer about the case. She thinks to herself this was not in the plan she didn't want to end up like her mother. Her mother had Devon when she was Devon's age. She thinks over the things her mother has done to her and maybe if her mom was a better role model. Things would have ended up differently. I imagine this song playing when Devon is sitting in her cell and thinking about her mom.