Another war...



The war all started when Britan and France dragged us into this war. Their war started because Britan and France both didn't want the opposite country trading with us/ the US. Britan blocked all our ships so we couldn't travel to France and they also captured some of our sailors they also traded the Indians guns and other weapons. France and Britan both threatened to attack our ships and take the cargo. Dolley Madison, a hero and popular woman saved the Washington portrait when the White house was being burned, by the people of Britan. The rulers during this war was Nepolian for France, King George the lll and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Hopefully, we get ourself out of this war and make peace but you know our country decided to attack so we don't know what's gonna happen. I hope the war will end with a victory to us. There were 71 casualties for us Americans and more than 2,000 for them. SOme of the Native Americans that are important are Tecumseh a Shawnee leader and his brother Prophet. At the time our central bank is down well Mr.Madison doesn't want a bank and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are going to reduce the size of our central defense. I hope this all sorts out and we get our bank and defense back.