Hungary (2004)

Drake Harbolt


  • The capital of Hungary is Budapest
  • Stephen the first was the first king, he started ruling in about the year 1000
  • The country's current population is about 9,939,402 people at the moment of this writing
  • They use the Hungarian forint as their currency
  • The language there is Hungarian
  • The highest elevation in Hungary is at Mount Kékes reaching 3,327 ft
  • The bordering countrys are Austria,Slovakia,Ukrane,Romania,Serbia,Croatia,and
  • The most important natural resouses of Hungary, in its western and central areas, are its soil and abundant water resources, it also has alot of Fossil fuel
  • The government of Hungary is a Parliamentary republic
  • the Economy of Hungary is a market economy

Natural resources

bauxite ,coal, natural gas ,fertile soils, arable land

main products

Hungary's main exports are machinery and transport equipment, consumer goods, agricultural products, chemicals, apparel, textiles, iron and steel, and wine.


The Hungarian flag was adopted(created) on October 1, 1957. The red on the flag stands for strength, white for faithfulness, and green for hope. but the flag has gone through many changes, the most famous was in 1948 when illegal communist take over, Rákosi took out the coat of arms and added a blue circle with a red star and a hammer.because of this people rebled by cutting out the blue circle making a hole in the middle.(examples below)

The Buda castle.

one cool place to visit is the buda castle district in budapest, especially at night when all the lights are on. the castle was first completed in 1265. The castle was destroyed in the great seige of 1686 when it was captured by Christian forces.the castle was de molished then rebuilt from the remains after a revoultion in 1952, the build was finished in 1966.

Off to Hungary!

here's some reasons you might want to go to Hungary. First, each city is unique in its own way. For example, Budapest ,Hungary's capital, has a lot of places with a lot of history like the castle district, the chain bridge, ect... That's just one of many reasons to go to hungary

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