Killer Caught!

Killer of Kelly Leccardone revealed and caputred

Murderer of Kelly Leccardone Caught

Ms. Leccardone was found dead around 11:30 PM on Friday November 13. Calculations showed that she had perished seven hours and thirty minutes prior to being found dead in in the Lovett School second floor tutorial room, from being poisoned . Numerous items were found around the crime scene, including, but not limited to, a crumpled map of the world, a jar of gummy bears, with a note on it that says: "Not for Mr. Parrish", a sticky note reading: "You'll never win!", a bloody grammar worksheet, a bloody rag, and some unknown white powder. Suspects were narrowed down to four people, them being Jack Parrish, Chris Ekholm, John Rice, and Andy Sayles. Mr. Sayles had an unsteady relationship with Ms. Leccardone, having started from when she opted to have a dance party on the 6th grade Chattanooga trip as opposed to a history lesson. However, due to the fact that he went to his home in Serenbe, GA and was there until 4:00 PM, he couldn't have poisoned Ms. Leccardone. A canister of rat poison containing arsenic was found on Mr. Rice's desk. Arsenic was one of the potential poisons used on Ms. Leccardone, the others being mushroom caps and cyanide. He was let off his job early on Friday, but he was reported leaving the Lovett baseball fields at the time of Ms. Leccardone was poisoned, meaning that he was not the killer. Mr. Ekholm also had an unsound relationship with Ms. L, stemming from an ongoing argument regarding the authenticity of Shakespeare's plays. He claims that he does not remember the events of Friday November 13, so he may be hiding something, making him a potential killer. Mr. Parrish also had an ongoing feud with Ms. Leccardone, regarding candy, specifically gummy bears. Housekeeping staff at the school said they witnessed Mr. Parrish and Ms. Leccardone fighting over a jar of gummy bears, despite Mr. Parrish denying the claim. He was also dubbed a potential killer.
The killer was shown to be Chris Ekholm. During his interrogation, he was fiddling with numerous items on his desk, and fidgeting with his hands. He also claims to have not remembered any events on Friday afternoon, despite having no doctor's note regarding amnesia. He had been undergoing an ongoing feud with Ms. Leccardone regarding Shakespeare and the authenticity of his numerous works. According to information taken from the interrogation, the issue has been fairly popular talk throughout the school. After research was done on the powder found at the crime scene, it was found that Mr. Ekholm gave Ms. Leccardone cyanide in the form of bitter almonds. The time of death was calculated with an equation determining body temperature taken at the time of death. The time of poisoning was calculated with an equation that used the victim's weight, age, and gender, and the dosage of poison. The equation would be: t=(120/30)÷((1/7)42)(2) for a dose of cyanide, t=((120/30)÷2(2))(42÷(30/5)) for a dose of arsenic, and t=(120/30)(a÷(7g))•10 for a dose of death cap mushrooms There were almonds seen on Mr. Ekholm's desk during his interrogation. Chris's blood was found at the crime scene. This is either because he cut himself on an item in the room, or Ms. Leccardone attempted to fight back, drawing blood. Mr. Parrish was shown to be innocent because although he had been reportedly fighting with Ms. Leccardone over gummy bears in the hallway after classes ended on Friday, research of numerous evidence samples found at the crime scene showed that few tied back to Mr. Parrish. Mr. Rice and Mr. Sayles were shown to be innocent because although Mr. Rice had a potential poison in his possesion, it was not found at the crime scene, as well as both men having an alibi at the time of Ms. Leccardone's poisoning.

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