A Place To Stay Awhile

The Basics


  • The southern tip of Brazil
  • South Eastern part of South America


  • Summer: 70-82 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Winter: 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 42 inches of average rainfall each year

Climate Type

  • Humid Subtropical

Physical Features

  • Land is low-lying and flat to gently rolling landscape
  • The Uruguay river extends up into Brazil

How To Fit In


  • Principle Language: Spanish
  • Immigrant Languages: Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian


  • It is common for people to kiss each other on the cheek as a greeting
  • People crack raw eggs on the heads of people during their birthday
  • Women carry their children around a lot
  • Children line the streets offering to do services or perform for any amount of coin


  • The O.K. gesture we use is taken as being very rude

Digging Deeper Into Culture


  • Peasant- lower class people of smaller towns
  • Usina Plantation- way of life of the large modern corporation owned agricultural establishments

Evidence of Culture Change

Uruguay is very close to licensing the production, distribution and sale of Marijuana

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