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An Honest Man: Michael Wayne Twedt

Many people believe that honesty is the best policy and Michael Wayne Twedt agrees. Michael Wayne Twedt doesn’t believe that lying will get you anywhere in life. Instead, Michael Wayne Twedt thinks that being dishonest does more harm than good. Michael Wayne Twedt strongly feels that honesty is the most important part of any healthy and positive relationship.

As an employee, Michael Wayne Twedt has been recognized many times for being honest and trustworthy. Coworkers relied on him and managers trusted his judgment in making major business decisions. Having spent many years as a financial professional, Michael Wayne Twedt built a career on being honest and having integrity. Clients trusted him to manage hundreds of thousands of their hard-earned dollars and make smart, honest decisions with their money. Without honesty, Michael Wayne Twedt’s career would’ve never taken off at all, let alone been as successful as it has been.

Michael Wayne Twedt’s personal relationships are no different. He believes in telling the truth to those he is close to, whether they are family, close friends, neighbors or intimate relationship partners. Michael Wayne Twedt prides himself on being an open book and telling people anything they want to know about him. He does not believe in keeping secrets, as Michael Wayne Twedt thinks that secrets only breed negativity and cause distance, resentment and insecurity in relationships.

Overall, Michael Wayne Twedt believes that honesty is the best policy, no matter what the situation is. There is no reason to lie or hide the truth, according to Michael Wayne Twedt. Michael Wayne Twedt believes that if you are doing the right things, you should not have anything to hide. Michael Wayne Twedt thinks that the only way to live your life is to approach each person and situation you encounter with pure honesty.

Michael Wayne Twedt is Career-Driven

Michael Wayne Twedt has focused much of his life on building a solid, successful career. Since he was a young child, Michael Wayne Twedt has worked hard to achieve his goals and build a good life for himself. Having worked for more than 20 years in business, accounting, finance and sales, Michael Wayne Twedt has proven time and time again that he is a career-driven, ambitious and hardworking businessman.

Michael Wayne Twedt has a strong educational background in accounting, including a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Concordia College in Minnesota. Along with his bachelor’s degree, Michael Wayne Twedt also earned multiple accounting certifications throughout his career, including the Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Managerial Accountant certifications. Michael Wayne Twedt’s education ignited his lengthy career in the finance industry. Michael Wayne Twedt has always loved numbers, has always been organized, and has always had a very analytical mind. Finance was a natural fit. Michael Wayne Twedt’s deep passion for the finance world only increased as time went on.

As a financial professional, Michael Wayne Twedt worked hard to get ahead. He specialized in many areas, including general accounting, financial analysis, investments, portfolio management and internal auditing. Michael Wayne Twedt grew his career even further by developing more generalized business skills. Some of the skills Michael Wayne Twedt worked hard to learn and master include business analysis, business development, client relationship management and operations management. Michael Wayne Twedt successfully secured multiple promotions throughout the years as a result of his hard work, intelligence and ambition. Michael Wayne Twedt also credits his positive attitude and resistance to giving up as the primary reasons that his career has been so successful, lucrative and enjoyable.

Being career-driven has always been second nature to Michael Wayne Twedt. He plans to continue to build his career by keeping up with the latest developments and technologies, learning new skills and making lasting connections with peers in his field.

The Volunteer Work of Michael Wayne Twedt

Michael Wayne Twedt strongly believes in giving back to those in his community and helping others who are less fortunate. Michael Wayne Twedt likes helping others because it gives him a sense of purpose. Throughout the years, Michael Wayne Twedt has volunteered his time at a number of organizations that are close to his heart.

Michael Wayne Twedt has donated his time to help United Way. United Way focuses on promoting education, health and higher incomes. Michael Wayne Twedt’s extensive background in finance made him the perfect candidate to help others to become independent and financially stable. Educating others about ways to become more financially independent is a passion of Michael Wayne Twedt’s.

Miracles for Mitch is another volunteer organization that Michael Wayne Twedt has helped out with. The organization helps the families of children with cancer pay their bills and organizes fun events for the children to have a good time and forget about cancer. Working with children is a passion of Michael Wayne Twedt’s and it brings him happiness to be able to help them.

Michael Wayne Twedt has also worked with the group We Can Ride, which helps people with disabilities through equine therapy, otherwise known as horse therapy. The horses help to promote emotional and spiritual growth, develop social skills and to boost trust and confidence. Michael Wayne Twedt is a lifelong lover of horses and was honored to be a part of a program that helped so many people.

Michael Wayne Twedt believes that volunteering is an important part of life and that everyone could benefit from it. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to give, Michael Wayne Twedt feels that volunteering can be extremely helpful for others, as well as a very rewarding personal experience that you will carry with you throughout your life.

Michael Wayne Twedt’s Success in Accounting

Even as a child, Michael Wayne Twedt was good with numbers. He excelled at math and eventually went on to study accounting in college. There, Michael Wayne Twedt became immersed in his studies and his interest in the financial world grew. Michael Wayne Twedt fell in love with the idea of making a career out of helping both individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. He earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Concordia College in 1988. Shortly thereafter, Michael Wayne Twedt started a long, successful career in finance and business, which has included multiple promotions along the way.

A driven, ambitious and motivated individual, Michael Wayne Twedt worked his way up the ranks in the corporate world. He earned multiple certifications in accounting and finance, earning the titles of a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Managerial Accountant and a Certified Internal Auditor. Michael Wayne Twedt has a passion for crunching numbers and because of his detail-oriented and analytical mind, he has excelled in doing so. He was promoted several times at a company that he worked at for more than 20 years. Michael Wayne Twedt’s well-rounded career has included roles in all aspects of business operations and finance.

Michael Wayne Twedt’s core skills include general accounting, financial analysis, business analysis, business development and operations management. He has honed these skills over the years by attending workshops, trainings and seminars in his field. Michael Wayne Twedt also took the time to learn from his peers and supervisors because he knew that tapping into his resources and learning from those around him would be the key to his long-term success in business.

Most recently, Michael Wayne Twedt has been working in aviation sales. Michael Wayne Twedt applies his business and accounting knowledge on a daily basis to secure deals, achieve organizational objects and increase revenue.

Michael Wayne Twedt: World Traveler

Traveling has long been a hobby of Michael Wayne Twedt’s. As a child, he went on many trips with his family, which included driving across the country and camping. His love of traveling carried over into his adult life. Michael Wayne Twedt has had the privilege of going on many exotic adventures.

Michael Wayne Twedt has traveled frequently for both business and pleasure. A successful career in business and accounting has allowed him to take many trips all over the world. Often, those trips are short and leave little time for sightseeing, so Michael Wayne Twedt also travels for pleasure as often as possible. While long flights are not his favorite way to spend his time, he knows that once he arrives at his destination it will be worth it. Michael Wayne Twedt makes a point of planning a trip whenever he has a bit of extra downtime from work or a long holiday weekend.

Michael Wayne Twedt has traveled to many different parts of the world, including most major cities inside of the United States, as well as multiple countries in both Europe and Asia. A lover of food and fine wines, Michael Wayne Twedt cannot pick a favorite city but can narrow the list down to a select few, including Paris, Rome, New York City, Hong Kong and Berlin. Michael Wayne Twedt likes to spend his vacation time soaking up the local culture by visiting the area’s restaurants, shops and museums. From large urban areas to beaches to remote towns, Michael Wayne Twedt loves it all. Whether it’s a solo adventure or a group trip, being a habitual tourist is in Michael Wayne Twedt’s blood.

Although Michael Wayne Twedt loves to travel, he will admit that at times he is a homebody and loves the feeling of returning home to Minneapolis.

Football is Michael Wayne Twedt’s Favorite Sport

Since childhood, Michael Wayne Twedt has been a fan of football. He learned to play at a young age and was immediately hooked. Even from a young age, Michael Wayne Twedt enjoyed being part of a team and being physically active. A natural athlete, he played many other sports as a child, including baseball, basketball, rugby and soccer. However, Michael Wayne Twedt’s love of football only increased over time and it quickly became his favorite sport.

As a teenager, Michael Wayne Twedt continued to play football with his friends and even tried out for the high school football team. He was selected and immediately Michael Wayne Twedt started to make new friends and to get into the best physical shape of his life. Michael Wayne Twedt also learned the importance of discipline and teamwork. After graduating from high school in North Dakota, Michael Wayne Twedt was accepted by Concordia College in Minnesota. He was thrilled to learn that he had also made the school’s football team. Over the course of his time playing football in both high school and college, Michael Wayne Twedt developed close friendships with many of his teammates that still exist to this day.

Throughout the years, football has brought Michael Wayne Twedt and his friends closer together. Now in his mid-40s, Michael Wayne Twedt no longer plays football unless you count tossing the football around in the backyard. However, football is still a huge part of Michael Wayne Twedt’s life in that he is an avid NFL fan and watches every game he can manage to find time for. He and his friends enjoy getting together to watch football games while catching up about work, family and life in general. Michael Wayne Twedt strongly feels that his life would’ve turned out completely different had he not discovered his love of football at a young age.

Michael Wayne Twedt is a Lifelong Lover of Animals

Michael Wayne Twedt has had a lifelong long of animals. He enjoys domestic animals, wild animals and farm animals. He has loved horses since he was a child because they are beautiful, intelligent and loving creatures. His parents used to take him horseback riding and he would often pretend that he was a cowboy in a classic Western film. He loves horses so much that he even volunteered with We Can Ride, a charity devoted to helping people with disabilities through horse therapy. Michael Wayne Twedt was excited to volunteer and combine two of his passions: helping people and being with animals.

Horses aren’t the only animals that Michael Wayne Twedt loves. He also really loves dogs and has since he was a young boy. As a child, Michael Wayne Twedt used to run into his neighbor’s yard so he could play with their dog. Michael Wayne Twedt does not have a favorite breed of dog. Instead, he enjoys all breeds. Michael Wayne Twedt believes each dog has a unique personality and temperament that makes that dog special.

Michael Wayne Twedt is a staunch advocate of responsible pet ownership. He suggests to anyone considering pet ownership that they first think long and hard. They should consider all aspects of pet ownership, including the cost and time commitment. Michael Wayne Twedt also hopes that people looking for a new pet turn to their local shelters and rescue groups rather than going to breeders. Helping to control animal population problems and educating others about responsible pet ownership is an important part of being an animal lover, according to Michael Wayne Twedt.

Michael Wayne Twedt has had been around many animals in his lifetime and hopes to be around many more. Michael Wayne Twedt is a firm believer that the bond between human and animal is very strong and, at times, unbreakable.

The Importance of Friendship According To Michael Wayne Twedt

If there’s one thing in life that is most important to Michael Wayne Twedt, it is his friendships. Michael Wayne Twedt takes great pride in the close relationships he has developed with various people throughout the years. As a child, he grew up with many close friends that remain his close friends to this day. He also established friendships with many of his coworkers and neighbors.

Spending time with friends is one the most important aspects of Michael Wayne Twedt’s life. Even when he is busy with work or other obligations, he makes sure to check in with his friends to see how they are doing and make plans to get together. Whether it’s watching a game, dining out at a restaurant, playing cards or hiking, Michael Wayne Twedt appreciates spending time and creating new memories with his friends.

Michael Wayne Twedt knows that without close friends, life can start to feel lonely and sad. Michael Wayne Twedt has focused his energy on making his friendships a priority in his life. He knows that he can turn to any one of them in times of need. When life gets tough, good friends are the people you can turn to, because they will help bring you up. Michael Wayne Twedt not only has great friends, but he also makes sure he is one too. He will give the shirt off his back if a friend needs it. Michael Wayne Twedt is the person his friends can turn to when times get tough or when they simply need a laugh. He is a charismatic and outgoing person who can light up a room. Michael Wayne Twedt strives to be a trustworthy, loyal friend to all those he cares about. Make no mistake about it, Michael Wayne Twedt is the type of friend everyone should be lucky enough to have

Michael Wayne Twedt Loves Eating at Restaurants

Michael Wayne Twedt makes no secret about the fact that he loves food. Dining out at restaurants is one of his favorite hobbies and something he tries to do at least once or twice a week, or more if his schedule allows. When new restaurants open up in the Minneapolis area, Michael Wayne Twedt likes to be the first person in line to try them out on opening night. Spending time with friends eating delicious food at restaurants and enjoying fine wines is Michael Wayne Twedt’s favorite way to spend a Saturday night.

Michael Wayne Twedt is certainly not a picky eater and really likes sampling a wide array of cuisines. While Michael Wayne Twedt loves fine dining and white linen tablecloths, he is no stranger to eating food from food trucks and hot dog stands. Ethnic fare is one favorite of Michael Wayne Twedt’s. He enjoys the exotic flavors, as well as spices of all types. He loves spicy food and doesn’t mind it when tears come to his eyes or he breaks a sweat at dinner. Some of his favorite ethnic cuisines include Indian, Mexican and Ethiopian cuisine.

Michael Wayne Twedt prefers it when restaurants incorporate fresh, locally grown, organic produce and humanely raised meats. He thinks the food tastes better and is more nutritious this way.

Michael Wayne Twedt views the act of eating food as a holistic experience that heightens each of the five senses. He enjoys the smell of freshly cooked meals and appreciates the length chefs go to when styling plates. He loves food that looks visually appealing in addition to tasting good. Michael Wayne Twedt believes that eating at restaurants is the most pleasurable way to nourish the body, as well as share new experiences and build lasting memories with good friends.