By: Madison Sullivan

About Titian

  • He was born in 1477 in Pieve Di Cadore, Italy
  • Titian spent most of his life in Venice, Italy
  • Titian was a painter of many religious paintings
  • At age nine he began studying painting with Giovanni Bellini
  • Switched trainers/teachers often
  • Considered to be prince of painters in Renaissance Venice
  • Painted La Bella, Assumption of the Virgin, and Venus of Urbino
  • his patron was Duke of Urbino Buidobaldo II Della Rovere
  • He would be considered Classism and Secularism because, in the his paintings there were a lot of Greek and Roman traits also he was known for his religious paintings

Venus of Urbino by Titian

  • Was created in 1538
  • Can be found in the Uffizi gallery in Florence
  • This painting is of a young lady on a bed with a small dog on it, holding red flowers. In the background there is a older woman standing next to a girl with her head in a chest or a bench.
  • The painting shows Realism and Classism in this painting, because the girl isn't made to look beautiful because she is a little heavier then most women and also in the background there is classism because there are columns like the Greeks and Romans.
  • I find this piece interesting because, there is so much detail, and also it makes my wonder why the little girl in the background has her head in some sort of chest.

You can find a picture of this painting on oneonta


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