Godzilla Theme Park

join us for the class of krata

it will be six flags high for the godzilla roller coster.

it will be super high for the Godzilla roller Coster . and it is six flags high. Emma Ava Anna Alex and it is 100 misle per houer . Godzilla's cafe has a Godzilla cake and chips and a drink.

the Godzilla cafe has presents if it is your birthday. so you can stay at a hotel. And you can go to the park if you are out of school. If you are having a birthday. if you are having a summer vacation you can also come. then we can go for 100 days. boy that is alot of days. or you can go for the whole summer. and it has a huge drop tall as godzilla. and you can bring freinds to. the godzila cafe also has some dinner and lunch to. next the godzilla roller coster it will be slow at first but when the down hill part it will go 100 milse per houer.