Full Tilt Poetry Slam

Self connection to Quinn-By Kathryn

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I go places sometimes

I laugh to myself

as the thought swirls in my mind

Am I, really the only one like this,

out of the human kind?

I look to my left, and then to my right

However, this boring world gives me no delight

everything is as constant as a clock's click

I'm quick to run away from this monotonous world

since it makes me so sick

I go places sometimes

where I can feel the thrill of the wind

and my heart racing against my chest

But those around me look at me as if I'm possessed

And my once racing heart fails, dark and depressed

I feel so isolated and alone

and this house I live in doesn't feel like home

POOF! I wish I could just disappear

Where people won't look at me and just sneer

so leave me on my own

I go places sometimes

where the world isn't so boring and white

But instead filled with colors, all so bright

A place where I don't feel like a failure

and things always work out in my favor

I don't need no help, I've done no crime

I just need a place to go sometime

I'm not a failure, I'm really just me

so please, I beg

Give me a place, somewhere, where I can be

X Ambassadors - Unsteady (Lyrics)