Week of 10/26 - 10/30

English 3

Daily Topics of Exploration


How does Wilder end Our Town?

Which themes/ideas/concepts do we see again and again?

Finish last 4 pages of the play

How do we improve our reading stamina?

Reading Workshop check in


What themes do we see "again and again" in Our Town?

Discuss ending of the play and again and again moments

How do themes in the play come alive in Compton?

Watch Compton movie


What questions are the kids in the Compton movie asking and answering by doing this play?


Author visit - Library


Discussion of essay writing and expectations for upcoming final book assessment.

Weekly Links

Here is where you will find our weekly links needed for our class:

Our Town Study Guide


Homework Central

You will find the information pertaining to your weekly assignments here:

Everyday - Read your Reading Workshop Book in order to meet your weekly targets.

Monday 10/26:

Do Act Three Study Guide for Our Town in English 3 Folder in Google Drive

Tuesday 10/27:

20 min. reading

Wednesday 10/28:

Finish Act Three Study Guide in Google Drive if you haven't

20 min. reading

Thursday 10/29:

No homework

Friday 10/30:

Choose your quotes from Our Town anf watch TED Talk in VideoAnt again to prepare for the final book assessment on Monday.

Teacher Conference Sign-Up

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Teacher Information

Mrs. Zimmermann


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Periods 2, 5 and 6

Mrs. Jones


Best time to find me:

Periods 6, 7 and 8