Ms. Kilar's Class

Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Day of school

The fourth graders will be going swimming at the high school on our last day of school, Wednesday, June 10. Students will need to bring their swimsuits, a towel and a bag. We will be walking downtown to get ice cream after the pool.


This week we reviewed elements of non-fiction writing. We also did some short lessons on poetry.

We spent quite a bit of time doing the end of the year spelling assessment as well.


Students worked on the revising and editing their Literary Essays. They also created iMovie trailers for the books they read. I've posted a few of them below. All their trailers are posted on our class youtube site.


In math students learned about the characteristics of plane figures such as rectangles, trapezoids, and rhombuses. They also learned how to identify a right triangle, acute triangle, and an obtuse triangle. We ended the week working with measurement equivalences for linear, capacity, weight, and time measures.


This week in science we finished up our centers on waves. We learned more about properties of waves such as, wavelength, amplitude and frequency. The students are able to diagram a model of a water wave and were able to use a wave simulator to learn about the concepts of amplitude and frequency. We also did a simulation where we calculated the frequency of a wave.

Social Studies

This week in social studies students worked on research and creating digital projects for the Harbor Springs Historical Society. Students could chose from a variety of history topics that are tied to the Harbor Springs area. Students are researching lumbering, the Odawa tribe, lighthouse, how to conserve and protect the Great Lakes, Ephriam Shay and his locomotive and the Underground Railroad. Most of the students have chose to display their research using an iMovie, EduCreations or KeyNote and to also make a model. All the projects will be on display at the Harbor Springs Historical Society during Shay Days in July.

Class Notes

  • Please look for any Shay Library books at home
  • Please look for any stray title for our 4th Grade Battle of the Books at home
  • Ipads and Chargers need to be returned to school on Monday, June 1 - they need to stay at school until the end of the year. Students will be issued MacBooks at the start of 5th grade in the fall.

Fishing Day

I still need a few parents to help out with fishing next Friday, June 5 - If you could shoot me an email and let me know please - that will save me from making my own dad coming fishing with our class :).

I will be taking the students fishing and for lunch down at the Harbor Springs municipal marina. Please have your child bring a sack lunch and a drink. I also encourage the kids to bring a fishing pole and bobber. I will supply the bait! We will be leaving Shay at 10:00 and returning at 11:45. If you are available to help supervise I'd really appreciate it.

Upcoming Dates

  • June 4 - Field Trip to U.P. - Returning at 6:30pm
  • June 5 - Ms. Kilar class fishing day
  • June 8 - Gear-Up day K-5
  • June 9 - Shay Triathlon
  • June 10 -Last day of school (June 8-10 are half days we dismiss at 11am

If your child's video is not posted on the newsletter, there are a lot more videos on our class YouTube channel

The Tree Lady

Whitefish Point and Tahquamenon Falls

On Thursday, June 4 we will be taking our last field trip of the school year to Tahquamenon Falls. We will be leaving shortly after 8am. Students need to bring a lunch and a dinner, a drink and a snack. The bugs are usually pretty bad this time of year so might want to pack bug spray. Sunscreen is also a good idea. We will be returning to Shay 6:30pm. Please arrange to have your child picked up in front of Shay.
Mine dog
We will mine it