Hydro Wheel!

by: Aarushi, Chinmayi, Derek

Why A Hydrowheel?- Chinmayi

Our idea to conserve energy is by making hydro-electric power. In a tank of water, there will be a wheel or turbine which moves the water. With the turbine, there will be a generator to generate the power. This will carry electricity to our school. This tank will also be filtered so we can drink this water in our water fountains. This water will run through pipes underground.

Pros and Cons- Aarushi


-It's very reliable

-It's efficient, and it can take only two gallons to run a wheel

-It not only provides power and energy for our school but also provides water for the bathrooms and water fountains

-Does not pollute or use any fuel


-There might not be as much energy in the summer due to droughts, but no ones in school a lot during summer

-Animals may need the water, so we have to be sure not to take too much away

Who Would Install It/Approval-Kye

We would need to get approval from the city if we put it underground, and we need permission from the district to attach it to thei schools.

Cost/fund- Derek

Hydro Wheel- $4,500

Generator- $3,080

One kilowatt is about four cents.

We could raise money by having something like when students bring things that they would like to donate, and can buy other things from others.



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