My Smore Flyer

A Trip to Florida!

The trip was an office trip. I had to go due to some work allotted to me by my Manager. Well, we were to stay at a reputed 5 star hotel booked by the office. I have been to Florida earlier and I really love the place. But I was going to visit Bristol for the first time and so I was quite excited. I still remember, we started in the morning and reached there within few hours. We got a warm welcome by the hotel staff at the airport. I looked around and I was feeling good to get such a great welcome. We got inside the car and headed towards the hotel. It was a great location. After reaching the hotel, we took rest and started the work for which we came to Bristol. In the evening, we went out to and felt it to be the best place to hang out. The location was awesome and the hotel was great!

We went back to the hotel and first of all I went to the longue to relax as I was quite tired. A real gem! I really liked that particular area. But what I noticed were people using electronic cigarettes. Though I have seen many people vaping these battery functioned devices, yet the ratio of individuals’ vaping electronic cigarettes was quite more. I guess it was particularly for that purpose. They were just pampered at the longue. Though I don’t vape, I stayed back as I got refreshing drinks as well. People were quite enjoying among themselves. It was good to watch them.

Now that I’m back from Bristol, Florida, I really had a great week out there! I went through electronic cigarette reviews on the web. I found that lounges are viewed as high end destinations for lovers of e cigarettes to extravagantly enjoy and experiment these devices.

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