Being HUMAN. Reasserting the HUMAN


Create an image inspired by the course, upload it to Flickr, and have it judged by your fellow MOOC learners via Flickr's 'interestingness' ranking. Got interested? Go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/edcmooc/

What a great source of inspiration! I admire my fellow MOOCers' enthusiasm!

The Fraingers PLN, FB, Twitter and G+ communities

The greatest thing about MOOCing is communication with like-minded people from around the world, sharing ideas, opinions and insights about teaching and learning. It's impossible to overestimate the value of that impact on my vision of e-Learing and digital cultures.


Watch the videos and discuss them with your classmates, friends, relatiives and colleagues.

Film 1: Toyota GT86: the ‘real deal’ advert (1:01)

Can we differentiate our presence in virtual world from real life? What is the influence of digital reality on our senses?
TOYOTA GT86: 'The Real Deal' TV Advert

Film 2: BT: heart to heart advert (0:40)

Let technology be part of your life, but don't let your life become part of technology.
Heart to Heart

Film 3: World builder (9:16)

The unexpected ending of the film is a great advantage. It makes you feel like watching it again. Have you changed your opinion?
World Builder (high quality)

Film 4: They’re made out of meat (7:20)

Enjoyed this humorous approach to the stereotypical appreciation of of ourselves:)
They're Made Out Of Meat - New York Film Academy (NYFA)


I've decided to add this film to the list because it's not only related to the theme of this week, but investigates the topic from another perspective.
"Tempbot" by Neill Blomkamp

WEEK 3 Hangout

This is what makes this course so special. I can't watch these hangouts live due to the time difference (GMT+6), but I watch the recordings and read G+ and Twitter comments with great pleasure. Thanks to our tutors and everybody who contributes to this process I can experience an amazing learning adventure!
EDC MOOC Week 3 Hangout