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Programming and Strategies Handbook

Writing and Spelling Strategies


Choosing Literacy Strategies that Work


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Literacy Continuum

Literacy Continuum Threads

Collated by Gayle Pinn

Thanks to Ronda Field for putting this into a google doc.

Reading and Comprehension

Revisit, Reflect, Retell

Time Tested Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension

Linda Hoyt

Availalbe at Gateway Bookshop

Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies

A Practical classroom Guide

Sheena Cameron

Available at Gateway Bookshop

Building Comprehension habits in Grades 6-12

A Toolkit of Classroom Activities

Jeff Zwiers

Available at Gateway Bookshop

Guided Comprehension in Grades 3-8

Maureen McLaughlin and Mary beth Allen

Available from Gateway Bookshop

The Reading Activity Handbook

Purposeful reading responses to enrich your literacy programme

Sheena Cameron

Available at Gateway Bookshop

The Big Book of Reading Response Activities

dozens of engaging activities, graphic organisers, and other reproducible to use before, during and after reading

Michael Gravois


English Guide for primary students

Peter Clutterbuck

Available from Gateway Bookshop

Grammar Guide for primary students

Del Merrick

Available from Gateway Bookshop

Spelling Guide for Primary Students

Del Merrick

available from Gateway Bookshop

Writer's Guide for Primary Students

Merry Whitfield

Available from Gateway Bookshop

The Writing Book

A practical guide for teachers

Sheena Cameron and Louis Dempsey

Higher Order Thinking

Eight Ways at Once

Multiple Intelligence's +Revised Bloom's Taxonomy= 200 Differentiated Classroom Strategies

Helen McGrath and Toni Noble–-book-one

Available fro Gateway Bookshop

Eight Ways at Once

Units of Work based on Multiple Intelligence's +Revised Bloom's Taxonomy

Helen McGrath and Toni Noble–-book-two