in africa


It started out with evreyone in africa with peace and freedom. Then the other Europe countries wanted to take over. Then the peices of africa were controled by different countries. They were britin,germany,italy,spain,berlign and other eropean contries. At this time genoside was happening it caused a big masacure in africa with rasisam and fighting. It could be considered the dark days of africa. Alot of rule were changed the Africans who were black was tageted.

The people

The people there were put in gruops determained by there skin color. If they were more white their card gave an advantage over the others. The groups were the

hutus the tutsi and the twa the tutsi took up 85% of the population the hutus took up

14% of the population the twa only with 1%. The hutus controled the others. At once they

all got along with each other. Now the people kill each other.

The culture

dances and art is what they pride them selfs on. They do dances to aid their beleifs and art for culture. There culture changed when the Europian countrie arived. Africans went by the europe culture at this time. I dont think theres anyting to do with culture at this time

goverment and economy

The gov in africa at this time was the worst. It was controled by eourope and the white people in Africa the Hutus got benefits and the others had to deal with poverty. Money there was held by the hutus in most of africa. Its always valuble.

The geniside

People hated the Tutsis they wanted to kill them anyway they could. It was the time when everyone thought the continent of Africa was going to perish. The war in Zaire would culminate to peace for Africa.
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