Career Project

Kasandra Ortiz 3rd 2-19-2016

1. What is your career?

My career is Athletic Training/Sports Medicine

2. Brief description of what you will be doing in your job?

Athletic Training/Sports Medicine is people taking care of hurt players. They train a sport such as Football and whenever the player is hurt they take care of him/her by wrapping his/her foot or if they are bleeding then they clean it up.

3. How much will I earn in a year (salary)?

$35,000 to $75,000 per year

4. How much education do I need?

Bachelor's degree

5. What college will best prepare me for my occupation?

UTSA is the college i chose to go to. In my opinion UTSA is a good college for Training/Sports Medicine and it's only 3 hours away from home.

6. How much will I travel with this job?

The schedule of an athletic trainer will be according to where they work. Those working in non-sports setting will usually have an established schedule such as a 40 to50 hour workweek. Athletic trainers who work in sports settings usually work longer hours due to games, practices, and competitions and can include working nights and weekends. Athletic trainers working in high schools can even work a 60 to 70 hour workweek.

7. What skills do I already have that will help me in this occupation?

The skills that i already have is that i can clean you up if you are bleeding.

8. Why do I want to do this job?

I want this job because i like it and i tried it out this year and i think going to UTSA is gonna be good because it’s not far from home

9. Where will I be located with this job... exact location?

San Antonio

10. Cite your sources- min of 2 informational sites!

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