This Week...

September 28 through October 2

Our Magic Tree House

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We read The first book in the Magic Tree House series, Dinosaurs at Dawn. The students then drew a picture of their own Magic Tree House and where it would take them. They then wrote a story to tell what happened when they arrived in the new place they had chosen. This is our bulletin board of their work on the sixth grade hallway. If you have an opportunity to come by, make sure you check it out, They wrote some great stories!

Our Family Tree

We created a family tree to decorate Mr. Carter's Classroom. We had so much fun painting our hands! Every child and every teacher has placed their hand prints together on this tree. We welcome you to add your hand print to our tree also. We are working together as a family to educate your child.
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Herbs - Cilantro and Parsley

We sent your student home with an herb on Friday. They all grew so well!

Since cold weather is coming, it’s best to keep the herbs inside until the spring. They should be repotted into a larger container using a potting soil. Your child’s cup may contain several individual plants, so be sure to give them room in the new pot when you transfer them, or put them in several individual pots.

School Pictures

Your child should have brought home their picture proofs last week. If you would like to purchase your child's pictures you can order online at or let us know and we will see if ordering through the school is still available.


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Spelling City

There is not an app on your child's iPad for Spelling City. He/She can however go online to to complete their spelling assignments. These assignments will be part of their homework grade. We will no longer be sending pages for them to copy their words each night, They will receive only one paper copy of their spelling words and the rest should be done on Spelling City. If you need their login again please let us know ASAP.

Field Trip to the Fair

Our field trip to the fair is Thursday, October 1! We are really excited and glad to hear that so many parents want to join us! We will see you at the Fairgrounds at 9:15 am Thursday!


There's still time to get your order in if you would like to order books for your child. Our Scholastic order will be placed Wednesday, September 30. If you would like to order please have your order in be Wednesday.