School Improvement Team Meeting

Additional Title I Funds Request Summary

October 4, 2012 Team Meeting

Sherwood was allotted additional funds from the Title I office. In keeping with our School Improvement Plan as well as changes in instructional focus with the Common Core, I propose we spend the funds on the following items:

  • Total Allotment: $69, 578.27
  • Computer Lab Assistant: $27,000.00
  • Mentor Texts for K-5 Classrooms Aligned to Lucy Caukins Units of Study: $ 6,744.10
  • Classroom Libraries of High Interest Books for K-5: $ 6,000.00
  • Desktop Computers: Library Lab, Two Classroom, Two Office: $14,363.69
  • Workroom Supplies, Copy Paper, Copier Lease for Remainder of Year: $12,000.00

Amount Remaining to Keep in Reserve: $ 3470.48