May 2015

Ms. Tyminski's Preschool Class

Play Theme

During the month of May our play theme will continue to be Doctor, Hospital, and the addition of the Dentist office. We have been talking about how to let others know we are not feeling well, or when something hurts. Some of our fine motor tasks have involved peeling and sticking band aides to "people" on paper, on our toys, and on our own "boo boos". Please continue to talk with your children about how doctors, nurses, police, EMT's, and firefighters are around the neighborhood to help when we are in trouble or really hurt and need more than just a hug and a band aide.

Outside Time

With the weather warming up we are spending many of our afternoons after snack out on the playground. Please make sure your child has on the right clothing and shoes to be playing out in the sunshine, and on mulch. If you would like to send a water bottle we will bring these outside with us.

Learning activities for the Spring

-bird watching

-digging for worms

-playing in the park

-describing what the clouds look like

-picking flowers by colors

-color hunts (name a color and find everything in that color)

-walking in the neighborhood

-washing the cars together

-finding opportunities to practice writing skills and pre-skills (dirt, sand, chalk, paint)


Schools will be closed on May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.

Lawrence Township does hold a parade and all children are invited to walk with their families. The flyer for this even was sent home on April 28th.