My Career Choice

911 Operator

Description and education needed:

As a 911 operator, also known as a dispatcher, you will answer phone calls from people who need emergency assistance. You will then send out the police, firefighters, or paramedics, and you also might need to provide life saving instructions for the caller.

Educated needed to become a 911 operator can be as simple as a high school diploma and in some states you may to get certification.

Pro and Cons:

Pros: decent pay and you get the reward of helping someone and even saving someones life.

Cons: working on holidays and very high stress.

Training and Salary

Training needed to become a 911 operator typically includes 40 hours of combinded classroom and on the job work. Training programs usually cover professional ethics, domestic violence, radio technology, and telephone technology.

On average, a 911 operator earns about $36,000 a year.