Jackie Robinson and perserving

By: Ethan Ingoglia Period 2 12/7/15

Jackie Robinson

This is a picture of Jackie Robinson in his Dodgers uniform, he was the first black person to play in a white baseball league.

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Summary #1

Branch Ricky told Robinson that bean balls would be thrown at him, he would called names, and attacked by players. Those horrible things would be such a challenge for any man. But Robinson embraces for the black community and takes the job as the first black baseball player.

Quote #1

“Suppose I was at shortstop. Another player comes down from first, stealing, flying I with spikes high, and cuts my leg. As I feel the blood running down my leg, the white player laughs in face. How do you like that nigger boy? He sneers. Could I turn the other cheek? I didn’t know how I could do it, Yet I knew that I must. I had to do it for so many reasons. For black youth, for my mother, for Rae.”(Page 295) In this quote Robinson gives Branch Rickey and example of what could happen to him and he preserves through it and becomes a Montreal Royal.

Quote #2

“I was officially a Montreal Royal. I must not tell anyone except Rae and my mother.”(Page 295) Jackie Robinson becomes a Montreal Royal even though all the bad Rickey said to him. He tries to keep it secret so only Branch Rickey, Rae, and his mom knows about him.

Summary #2

When Jackie Robinson played baseball for the Montreal Royals he had no one on his side barely. He had no umpires or owners and only a few newspaper men. This shows perseverance because he knew no one was on his side, yet he still took the job of the first black baseball player.
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Jackie Robinson in action

This is a picture of Jackie Robinson sliding into a home plate!

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