Our Exploration

By; Mahima, Maya, Justin, Mason, Viivi, and Shreya

Conflict: Background Information

Right now there is competition between France and England for colonies and trade centers in the Americas. This is leading to a series of wars and conflicts. These conflicts were happening from 1701 - 1763. By sending us on this exploration we will be able to put France ahead of England.

Purpose of Expedition

You, Queen Cast, have already sent explorer La Salle. As we know La Salle's expedition didn't exactly turn out well, it was a mess from the start. Let's not even mention the second expedition he led. Like La Salle we will continue searching for the Northwest Passage but we will also claim some land in the Americas for France and unlike La Salle we will succeed.

Ship Information

We will take 3 baroque longue ships. The main ship is called Laurea and it will hold 150 people and a quarter of the food and supplies. The other ship will hold another 150 people and another quarter of the food and supplies. The last ship will hold the last 100 men and the rest of the food and supplies. The food we will bring will include fresh food, ship biscuits, salted meat, fish, and water.


La Salle came down the Mississippi River and was looking for the Northwest Passage around that area. We believe that the Northwest Passage may be down near Southeast Texas and are going to sail that way and try to find a route to the Pacific. We estimate it will take us about a year to get there explore and get back. It’s 5,351 miles to get to the Americas from France.

Land Encountered

The land La Salle encountered in East Texas was between the Sabine and Trinity Rivers. The land is full of pine-covered hills, cypress swamps, and good fertile land.

Good Land?

Yes, the land is good enough to create a settlement. The flat grasslands and plains will be good for farming, and we will be near the ocean so we will have access to fish and water to boat around on.


We have heard about the resources in the Americas. Many new vegetables are there, like corn, sweet potato, peanuts, pumpkins, beans, squash, peppers, and tomatoes. Blueberries are also a new fruit found here. Buffalo hides were something new that was here in the Americas, just like beaver fur. These resources will help France because some of these things are very valuable and other countries will pay a high price for them. If you fund our expedition we will make sure to get these resources by claiming land for France before any other country gets there.

People Found & Interactions

The first people La Salle found when he landed were the Karankawas, a Native American Tribe. The Karankawas aren’t the friendliest tribe, the like their space and even practiced ceremonial cannibalism. We know how to spot them, they are 6ft tall and like to fish, hunt, gather wild plants, and use the bow & arrow.

Conflicts with Native People

While they were sailing La Salle met hostile pirates on his journey and they took one of his ships. La Salle also has some nasty conflict with the Karankawa Tribe, they attacked and destroyed Ft. St. Louis. We will try to fix the relationship with the Karankawas by either offering peace and respecting their land or by bribing them with some goods we will have brought from France. By doing this we hope to get on the Karankawas good side so that they will allow us to explore and eventually settle.

Is It Worth The Risk?

Yes, we think it is worth the risk, because if we prepare correctly and understand the risks, act quickly, and smartly we will survive.