The Olive Branch 8.18.20

What's Up At The Nest...

Principal's Message

We can't believe that the start of our 20-21 school year is a mere two weeks away! We are excited to welcome our students back to the "virtual" nest. This year we are welcoming several new staff members to our team and have several staff members that have accepted new positions at OMS! Please help us welcome them to our community.

1st Grade - Mrs. Katie Morris

3rd Grade - Ms. Stephanie Tinaglia

4th Grade - Ms. Emilee Lim

5th Grade - Ms. Amanda Range

Part-Time Resource Teacher - Mrs. Sujung Choi

Resource Teacher - Mrs. Amanda Lace

Resource Teacher - Miss Michelle Angelico (joined us in January of the 19-20 school year)

School Psychologist - Mr. Tremell Goins

Math Interventionist - Mrs. Beth Klimas

Part-Time Math Interventionist - Mr. Shannon Santos

Part-Time Literacy Interventionist - Mrs. Claire Hasemeyer

Registered Nurse - Mrs. Rhiannon Rose

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Beata Selbka

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Amy Braun

We are still hiring! If you know of anyone interested in working with us at the nest please have them apply!

.2 Art Teacher - needed Monday and Friday afternoons

.5 Teaching Assistant - needed Monday through Friday - AM schedule

We will be creating a Welcome Back video so that your children can see all of our "old" and "new" faces before the first day of school. Stay tuned!

Erin and Julia

Class Lists

Per Dr. Bein, class lists will be emailed between Tuesday, August 18th, and Thursday, August 20th. Please watch your mailbox and SPAM folder. If you do not receive an email by Thursday please call our office. If you receive an email without a teacher placement, please call our office because we need additional registration information.

We greatly appreciate the way the OMS community has come together to support one another during remote learning. With our goal to return to in-person learning through our district transition model, D25 is not grouping students in classes for the purpose of learning pods or neighborhood cohorts. As you know, we spend countless hours each year making sure to place each student in a classroom, with the teacher and peers in which we feel he/she will be the most successful. Our staff works together to ensure a balance in a wide variety of areas including heterogeneously grouped students or students of varying abilities, students with special needs or concerns, social/behavior patterns of students, gender, the number of students assigned per room, learning styles of the students, peer relations, classroom structure, and the instructional styles of the receiving teacher. In addition, we take into account parent requests and information shared with us each spring through our placement feedback google form. We respect the convenience that remote learning pods/cohorts offer parents and hope you understand our need to keep classes as they have been created for our return to in-person learning.

Daily Schedules

Please take a moment to review your child's grade-level schedule linked below. Please keep in mind that there will be some flexibility in the schedule as your child's teacher plans lessons of different lengths and for small instructional groups. For example, while all students log on for live instruction, the instruction may or may not take the full 30-minutes listed. Depending on the day, a teacher's lesson may be 20 minutes or it may extend to 40 minutes. After the live instruction, the teacher will direct the students on what to do next during their asynchronous time.

The schedules we have included indicate the specific beginning times for each content area in which the students need to be logged on for live instruction.

Kindergarten Daily Schedule

1st Grade Daily Schedule

2nd Grade Daily Schedule

3rd Grade Daily Schedule

4th Grade Daily Schedule

5th Grade Daily Schedule

School Supplies

We know that with remote learning, you may not need some of the supplies on the current class supply lists. We will not be changing the lists as we hope to welcome our students back to in-person learning later this year and they will need those supplies upon returning to the building. Your child's teacher will update you on specific materials they will need to begin remote learning.

Meet & Greet

We are excited to share with you two options for your child to meet their teacher before the school year begins.

“Meet the Teacher” Zoom Meetings - Thursday, August 27th

On Thursday, August 27th, each teacher will have time dedicated to Zoom with small groups of students from the classroom. A sign-up genius will be sent soon.

*If your child has an IEP/504 with an accommodation to meet the teacher individually, your child's teacher will set up these Zoom meetings with you.*

Material Pick-Up - Friday, August 28th

On Friday, August 28th we will have families pull into the loading zone and your child's teacher will bring them their school supplies. We ask all families and students to remain in the car for health and safety reasons. Our staff members helping during this time will be wearing face masks.

Supplies will include textbooks, workbooks, IPad, or Chromebook, and any additional materials your child may need along with the school supply box you may have ordered through the PTA.

*If you are unable to make multiple pick-ups we will arrange to have all of your children's materials available during 1-time slot; however, the grade-level teacher may not be present for your child to see.

For those of you that picked up your children's materials in June, this procedure will be very similar. Grade-Level Times will be shared soon!

Mark Your Calendars

Olive-Mary Stitt Virtual Curriculum Night - Wednesday, September 16th, 2020.

Additional details regarding Zoom times with your classroom teacher will be shared soon.

D25 Adopted a new calendar at the last board meeting, please click here to access it.

Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary

Questions? Please reach out to your OMS teacher or your administrative team.

OMS Staff Directory

Ms. Erin Davis, Principal

Mrs. Julia Pemberton, Assistant Principal