November 16-20

Weekly Announcements!

Happy Monday Everyone!

  • Magic Box Assembly is this Wednesday @ 9am- SFA will be cancelled. You can get a head start on explaining our school plan, incentive and allow time to write a story!
  • We will be discussing Literacy Instruction closely this week. I've invited central admin to visit classrooms with me to look closely at SFA Structures, and the teaching of Literacy.They will walk with me on Monday and/or Tuesday. We will try to minimize interruptions.
  • I have the final and correct data on all kids in grades 3-6. I can start my data talks with you and kids. Please look for a calendar invite from me :)
  • Family Math Night is on Thursday from 5:30-7pm in the cafeteria. Thank you Math Team for organizing this! Please join us if your schedule permits!
  • 5th Grade and Student Council are sponsoring a movie night on Friday to fund raise for their filed-trip to Bizz Town. If you can support them, let one of the know :)
  • Collaboration on Wednesday will be in the LRC from 12:30-1:30 focus will be on Literacy. 1:30-3:00 is team collaboration on Math/ELA in lead teacher rooms.

Teacher Support Goal

Thank you!

I want to thank you all for extending a hand to support our colleagues. We have had several absences due to illnesses. Many of you assist with setting up classrooms, checking in with substitutes, asking me if there is anything to prepare for the sub, and not having our amazing IA's in your classes. I know that pulling them is a hardship on you.

I know that the easiest way to become discouraged is when it appears as though others are not as "invested" in our school as many of us are. I want to assure you that your dedication is not unnoticed and that by sticking together, we'll make the greatest impact we've seen over the last few years. Please invest in your team and revisit the norms you set in the first quarter to keep pace and support one another the best you can.

if I or your point coach can assist please reach out to us!

Walk Throughs

We will continue to provide feedback to you on DOK and EEI. Feedback will be written and face-to-face to provide the strongest support possible to you! Thank you for your absolute professionalism and willingness to add to your pedagogy!

Attendance Counts!

Please continue to encourage your kids to attend school daily!

College Awareness Month!

Ms. Duke has shared this with me before and Dr. Vesely has shared it again! In honor of college awareness month I would love to feature you! Will you give me a school photo of you? I already know what university you attended I just need your pic! Please give it to Myriam!
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Congratultions to our Nationally Board Certified Teacher!!! Proud of you Mrs. Shay!!

Stories that Soar!!

I am having the parents make me a visual for you to keep track of how many stories your students write. Please give all students that write a story a PAW. The winning class will not only have bragging rights and be recognized at the assembly, I will purchase Eegee's to enjoy! Your expectation round this learning opportunity will make the difference, please assign story writing for homework, allow them to work on stories for bell work in the morning, allow them to write stories when they are finished with assignments. Encouraging students to write and type them at home is a great way to build typing skills! I appreciate your enthusiasm around this, for our new colleagues- you will love the performance, it's one of the funnest and most enjoyable days of the year!

November Birthdays!

Viridiana Zuniga 2nd
Norma Velasquez 25th
Nikki Franklin 28th
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