First Grade News

What's up in First Grade?

Spirit Week, Registration, Valentines Day and more!

Hello Familles! We have had a busy couple of weeks and it will just keep on being busy for quiet awhile! Here I hope to clarify some details for spirit week, give some reminders about registration, and explore our Valentine's Day plans!

Spirit Week!

To say that the students enjoyed pajama day was an understatement to say the least! It was so fun to see so many students wearing their most comfy gear. We would like to clarify a few details for the next few days.

Tuesday- Sports day. Wear your favorite sports gear and represent any sports team!

Wednesday- Flip flop day. You may dress up as a teacher. If your child is "stuck" with how to dress, you can suggest that they were casual dressy clothes such as nice pants and a nice shirt or leggings and a dress.

Thursday- Thursday is grandparents day and all students must be in FULL uniform. We are going to Mass and so students need to wear their full uniform and sweaters. We will also be having an Open House that day, so we want all of our students looking their best!

For grandparents days festivities, Grandparents or any other guests should arrive before Mass at 9:00. They can then attend Mass with the students. After Mass, we will go upstairs to do the special program. Students with guests can stay upstairs for a small reception with cookies. We will then do a special art project.

Friday- Color Wars! Please have your student wear as much Orange as possible! We will be attending a spirit assembly that afternoon at 2:00.


Registration for current families is from February 1st- February 26th. It will open up to everyone on February 29th. If you do not complete the online enrollment and pay the registration fee by February 26th, your spot can potentially be given away. Your account must be in good standing to be able to register. Please talk to the main office if you have any questions.

Conferences- We have already started to have some families sign up for conferences. The sign-up is outside of Mrs. Holguin's room. We will be sending out progress reports out on Wednesday in the yellow take-home envelops. Our students are making great progress and we are so pleased to see so much growth! A reminder is that at this point in the year, a 2 or progressing towards the standard suggests that with continued growth, your student will be on grade level by the end of the year. We are always willing to work with you if you have any questions about ways to help support your child at home. Hope to see you at conferences on Friday, February 12th!

Last but not least- Valentines Day! As we approach Valentines day, we wanted to talk about our plans. First of all, all students are invited to make their own valentines day box in any way that they like- please be as creative as possible. Please keep it within the size of a shoe or cereal box, but please be as creative as possible! The box does not have to be valentine's day themed, please let your child chose to create anything of interest to them (that is school appropriate :) ). We will have a party on Thursday, February 11th as we do not have school on Friday. The party will be in the afternoon and have valentine's games and treats. All students are invited to bring a valentine for every student in the class. Please have each student bring the same valentine for all students. If your student would like to bring a special valentine for a friend, they can give it straight to them in the morning or purchase a special valentines gram from the student store. Next week we will put out a sign up sheet for treats. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Curriculum Corner

Math- We are getting ready to finish with 2D and 3D shapes including- 2D shapes: triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, rhombuses (diamonds), hexagons, pentagons. 3D- cones, pyramids, spheres, cylinder, cubes. We are continuing to work on addition and subtraction within 10 and addition and subtraction word problems.

Reading- In english we are introducing silent e and long vowel sounds with words such as cane, vine, mule and hope. We have also just introduce AI(says long a) and EA (says long E). Practicing recognizing these words in your child's reading will help a lot. We also continue to practice sight words and syllables in both spanish and english. We are also introducing the concept of verbs, adjectives and nouns in both spanish and English.

In spanish we are starting to learn the differences between ce, ci, que, qui, ge, gi, gue, gui. Always sounding out the sounds E and I. We are also introducing blends in Spanish. Our blends consist of initial two-consonant letters. For example, bra- brazo (arm).

Fri- frijol (bean) Cre- crema (cream). Children will be learning how to blend these two consonant syllables without sounding them out anymore. Every time you read, you can look for these words and have them say the complete blend, it will make a big difference. Click on the link to have a better understanding and get an idea of how to pronounce these syllables!

Grammar- We are also just introducing plurals in both Spanish and English.

The rule for making a word plural or showing more than one in English is that if the word ends in an x, s, ss, sh or ch then the ending is es. Lunch becomes lunches. Any other ending ends in just s. Bat becomes bats.

In spanish the rule is that if the word ends in a vowel than just an s is added- casa becomes casas. If it ends in a consonant then it will end in es- papel becomes papeles. If it ends in a z then it changes to a ces- pez becomes peces.

Religion- We have begun to talk about the holy trinity and the three parts of God- the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are also going through the early life of Jesus and His baptism.

Writing- We are making great progress on sounding out our own words. Having students structure sentences on their own in their own wording is also great practice. The students are going over in both classes to self check their work for capitols, punctuation, and spaces and you can encourage them to do this in their own writing at home.