Warren Middle School's Best

There is more than just school.


Band brings plenty of things, here are some: you go on many after-school activities, you gain many friends, and you can show your talents. Band challenges you, and is a experience different from normal school. While band is a bundle of fun, you'll need to spend lots of time in practice. Band is also a large competition because you always competing for chair positions.

Number Sense

Number Sense is a great way to challenge yourself, and it only takes one afternoon or morning at school a week. This allows you to exercise your brain before school or homework. You don't need to be smart, you just need to know strategies. Therefore if any marks are made besides the answer to the problem then it is counted wrong.

Read Aloud Lunch

Read Aloud Lunch is a all-encompassing program that you don't have to like reading to be in. In the program you just go to the library and lunch is brought to you. A great thing is that you get to listen to a book every Monday util it's finished and then another is started. Because Read Aloud Lunch is a way to relax from normal loud cafeteria, you might miss your friends or a cool event that occurs during the period. Now something dramatic could happen at lunch and your friends get in trouble; you are not subject to these consequences.


In Spanish you get to learn a new language that allows for a completely new learning experience. Knowing Spanish allows you to communicate between language barriers. Something huge that comes with Spanish is that you will receive a higher income job that may be more appealing to you. Spanish takes a elective spot, but it is like another subject in that you get lots of homework and projects too.


Robotics Is a great way to express your creativity, and learn simple coding skills. In the elective you are able to show off the things you can do in a special way.You can group with your friends and learn other computer skills; however, to be the best you need to put plenty of time and thought in to these projects: they are most of your work.