Sunda Flying Lemurs

Being Forced From Their Homes, Thanks to You.

Lemurs Like Their Homes as Much as You Do.

Sunda flying lemurs are territorial animals and don’t want to have their home destroyed just as much as you don’t. Living in the tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia, their homes are constantly being chopped down for logging.
You may argue, Sunda flying lemurs adapt very well and don’t have a problem moving but moving isn’t the only issue that comes from their homes being destroyed. When faced with danger, Sunda lemurs do one of three things; freeze, climb higher, or fly away.
If a lemur is in a position to fly moving may not be an issue for the lemur, it will simply glide away and continue moving fine and dandy, but many times this is not the case. If a lemur simply climbs higher or out of fear freezes, the lemur will most likely fall to the ground with the tree and from there be helpless. When on the ground, a flying lemur has no way of running or blending in from predators and because it is unfamiliar with the area, it will not know where to start for getting food. Katrina Beatson, a researcher from Animal Diversity, shows us humans are the top predator for Sunda lemurs simply because of all the habitats we destroy. If we stop logging the forest and find other ways to get our resources, many species will be saved. So get out your picket signs and take a stand against destroying animals habitats.


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