Digestive Rive!!!!!!

Introducing the newiest ride. THE BIG CHEW!!!!!!!

About The Big Chew

Our new ride, The Big Chew, is a ride where you can learn about the digestive system and the different parts in the digestive system. You will take a ride through your Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Pancreas, Liver, Large Intestine, Rectum, and the Anus. So come and have some fun at the Digestive Ride Theme Park and ride the new ride, The Big Chew. Your kids and you will learn how the digestive system works but also a fun ride.

About Other Attractions


At the Digestive Rive Theme Park, our theme is the digestive system. You will be able to go to all different place, including other rides.
1. Hydrochloric Acid Drink Stand
2. Teeth and Mouth Park
3. Swirly Blood Vessel Ride
4. Slimy Saliva Water Slide
5. Bounce-A-Stomach
6. Small then Large Intestines Ferris Wheel
7. Twist Mucus Taco Stand
8. Pancreas Picnic Rental
9. Gallbladder Roadie Ride
10. Villi's Food Stand
11. AND MORE!!!!

About Us

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