The Weekly Growl Summer Edition

May 29 - June 2, 2017

This Week

Monday, May 29

  • Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday, May 30

  • Bulldog Store Open During All Lunches
  • 5:30 Girls Athletics Banquet

Wednesday, May 31

  • 5:00 6th Grade Athletics Parent Meeting, Gym

Thursday, June 1

  • Last Day of School

Friday, June 2

  • Staff Work Day

Upcoming Events

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I would like to thank Kristen Morgan for always being so positive and helpful. She does a lot to keep the 8th grade team moving in the right direction. I appreciate her proactive communication and her check ins with me to see how I'm doing. Her feedback and advice has been invaluable to my growth as a teacher.

- Timothy Peck

Mr. Peck!! For always communicating and being so vigilant!!!!! True team player.... thank you for all your support.

- Marbel Donosso

A HUGE thank you to my wonderful friends/colleagues for all the birthday love! You sure know how to make a girl feel real special! Laura Terry, Katie Schultz, Allison Lee, and Ashley Harmon-ya'll are the best!

- Briana Flores

​TEAM FAC is running like a well oiled machine lately! We have a very challenging group of 6th graders and every person is committed to supplying our students with a quality education! ​Thank you Tulullah, Sam, Amanda, Turmaine and Ashley!!! I love you all!

- Patti

I want to send a shout out to the 8th grade team! They are always ready to do what's needed for each other and for the kiddos, so kudos to my peeps!

- The Morganator

Kudos to Matt Castilleja! He is definitely the best!!! He ALWAYS goes out of his way to assist and answer any questions and gets back to me immediately! You are definitely appreciated!

Kudos to Desiree Le for allowing me to be her adopted little sister and supporting my goals professionally and being a supportive listening ear personally!

Kudos to Ms. Scott for being supportive and addressing an issue quickly.

Kudos to Mr. Bosier for sharing!

- Akea Powell

To the whole staff for helping with the IB Day! I appreciate the collective effort to collect and encourage students with permission slips!

- Desiree Le

I would like to thank everyone at Hernandez for being part of my journey.

- Norma Brenner

Kudos to Katie Schultz and Lisa Mierkiewicz for volunteering for extended timer duty after testing all 4 days! You ladies rock! :)

To Mr. Castilleja - Thank you for always being ready on a moments notice to help with all of the STAAR Online needs. We're so lucky to have you on our campus!

- Caitlin La

Kudos to Ms. Le for her recommendation letter. It helped me be chosen for a summer internship with NASA. Thank you so very much Desiree. Keep reaching for the moon even if you fail you will land within the stars.

- Yesenia Baeza


Huge Kudos to the ELA department for their tireless work in preparing students for reading and writing STAAR! Thank you to the rest of the brilliant staff here at Hernandez for making adjustments and accommodations for us.

- Sofie Vastano

Thanks to my World Cultures team, again, for making this year great. I'm so thankful to be working with such talented and caring teachers!

Natalie Reale, I'm going to miss your beautiful face and sense of humor. I've loved working with you the past couple of years and know you will continue to spread your cheer wherever you go. Best wishes in all your future endeavors!


Rich Cawthron - For all of his hard work, dedication, and prep time for his AMAZING gateway projects.

Matt Castilleja - For always helping me with technology needs / wants, and his great ideas for additions to next year's classwork.

It has been a pleasure working with these fine gentlemen all year! Thanks for all your help! #CTEROCKS

- Ryan Smosna

Matt Castilleja for making STAAR testing smooth and stress-free!!!

- Allison Lee

This one goes to my bro, Leo! Thanks for being there when I need you, for the good laughs every day, and putting smiles on the faces of everyone here at Hernandez. You're fun to work with. Love you.

- Kino aka Spider-Man

Kudos to Mrs. Aguilera for everything that she does, always having the children's well being in mind. Going above and beyond in her duties but above all for the hugs, prayers and words of encouragement that so easily flow from her.

To all the Hernandez staff for making this my first year at a school a great one. I shall carry fond memories with me.

- Yesenia Baeza

Thank you to my Sped team for a smooth, fantastic year! Case managers you all did a great job prepping for ARDs and advocating for your students. A special thanks to all the gen. ed. teachers who came to my meetings with a smile on their faces ready to participate, especially Cristy Crowder, Jessica Eisele and Mariah Faust who came to A LOT of them!!! Enjoy you very well deserved summer break!

- Cecilia Azulay

Kudos to the best math team on the planet! Jennifer Gregorcyk and Cole Story have been incredible 7th grade partners, Michael Bergeron and Laura Terry have been the best 8th grade partners. I could not have done this year without all your support especially during my maternity leave. The four of you are absolutely amazing and I am beyond grateful for all you have done for me this school year.

- Lena Dominguez

Kudos to Ms. Terry and Mr. Bosier for all your hard work in planning our wonderful 8th grade field trip! Main Event was a blast and I know all of our students' had a great time!

- Bri, Allison, and Ashley

THANK YOU, THANK YOU EVERYONE for being so supportive, positive and understanding during my pregnancy. This has definitely been an interesting year for me but I couldn't have asked for a better work family to go through this with. Have a great summer!!!

- Nompumelelo Tshuma-Masuku

Kudos to Jessica Eisele for a fantastic first year of teaching!

- Cristy Crowder

I want to thank everyone for making my time here at Hernandez so special! You are ALL amazing!!!!

I wish you a restful & rejuvenating summer!!!

~~M. Robinson

HUGE shout-out to Wendy Tucker for covering for me while I was out with back surgery. She did the entire six weeks without a sub which is no easy task. Thanks for everything, my friend.

- Cherri Urban

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Anna Carter 4

Kristen Morgan 17

Jeremy Thompson 25


Kino Esparza 2

Leo Rodgriguez 2

Rich Cawthron 6

Cole Story 9

Heather Davis 13

Jeff Allen 15

Veronica Neira 17

Allison Lee 23

Laura Terry 25

Caitlin La 25

Noemi Gamas 29


Susie Clark 5

Danya Gardner 7

Karolyn (KC) George 10

Jennifer Gregorcyk 11

LaToya Morrison 21

Yvette Bradford 25


Travis Ancelet 10

LaToya Ellis 13

Sofie Vastano 14

Tina Cotton 20

Matthew Castilleja 21

Timothy Peck 28

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