Myplate Calorie Tracker

What it is

This app gives you daily calorie allowance, so you can reach your weight goal. It offers many exercises and levels, and also tracks all the food that you eat during the day.
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  • You can join the community for support
  • Tracks the amount of water you drink; prevent dehydration
  • Sets reminders to keep you on track
  • Syncs in with the Livestrong website
  • Lets you put in your own recipes
  • Tracks your weight and gives feedback on a graph
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  • Doesn't say how many calories you burn from an exercise; you have to add it up yourself
  • The advice given from the people in the community may not always be accurate
  • It can be time consuming to put in each ingredient of your own recipes
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Overall Opinion

I like this app because it's very useful for reaching your weight goal and watching what you eat. The database is very large, meaning you can track the foods you eat in your food diary, or put in your own recipe. There is also a large variety of exercises and levels, so you can do what will help you reach your goals. There are a few downsides, but I overall enjoyed using this app, and would recommend it.