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Origami Owl - Team SWIFT

Valentine Product Release

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (CCS) - The inside scoop.

Did you know that the Valentine's charm collection sold more than 8 times more in quantity than our Christmas charm collection. 8 TIMES!!!!

They sold out in 4 hours. Now remember when we talk forecasting...they ordered WAY MORE! And all charms were scheduled to come in two staggering shipments.

The CCS has 5 colors. Our charms are hand painted. Because of the 3D affect, the colors and the intricacy of the CCS, they had to pull their very best painters and put them on the CCS.

Because of the above OUR SUPPLIER told us that they could not meet our manufacturing needs on this item as it was putting all other items into jeopardy for becoming pushed back!

Please remember that sometimes while it looks like the nest dropped the ball, it's really something that is out of their control.
They did plan for the right amounts.
They did plan ahead.
They did try to get enough for everyone.
And rest assure that they are working on systems to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to get at least one of the limited edition products. It may not happen tomorrow and we have NO IDEA what the process is going to be but they are working on it. Please have faith.

I will delete the post if this becomes a bashing or negative thread. This was meant to give you some perspective on the issue and to share some of what we learned while at the directors training. I hope I have done that.

The How To: Using your supplements.

Many have pointed out some concern using their supplements when some products are sold out. PLEASE use those supplements!

The supplement contains only 6 Limited Edition Items out of almost 50 items showcased along with MANY looks to show your customers different ways to design their lockets.

With that being said, only the Chocolate Covered Strawberry is sold out and will not be returning in the 2nd shipment due to the nest.

Send those Supplements out with a little label or sticker covering the strawberry. Or print up a letter. It's that easy.


Some fun facts!

The Heart Locket took over a year to design.

It is our own shape and patented

It has 56 pave set Austrian crystals.

The magnets are round to go wight he sleek design of the heart.

It opens 1/3 of the way for strength.

The locket sells for $44 and is BEAUTIFUL!

Who To Send To!

  1. People Who Ask
  2. Past Hostesses
  3. Past Customers
  4. People who inquired about the business

Hand these out in place of the catalog until they are GONE.

And make sure your contact info. is all over them!