TGMS May 20, 2019

Last minute reminders

Saying Goodbye to our Sixth Graders

As we wish our sixth graders all the best on the last day of school, we would like to do things a bit differently. This year we have invited a select group of graduating seniors to speak to our students about making the transition to the junior highs. Due to very limited seating this final assembly is for students only - our graduates will cheer on the sixth graders as they head out!

Field Day - May 22

Wednesday May 22, 2019

6th grade: 9:30-11:45

4th & 5th grade: 12:45-3:00

Students should wear socks and sneakers, and bring sunblock.

Water Coolers will be set up outside for students.

Please note: Students will be provided a Smoothie King fruit smoothie: Ingredients: Strawberry, Kiwi, and Papaya / 52 carbs

Lakeview Boys Cross Country for incoming 7th graders

Lakeview Cross Country Runners:

We had a VERY successful season last year and if you want to continue the tradition we have here at Lakeview you will need to put some work in this summer. Wearing medals on the way home from meets and rushing out to pick up a trophy at an Invitational are nice, but they WILL NOT HAPPEN unless you have some self-discipline and run this summer!!!

You have several options about how to do this. You can do it on your own, with a friend from the team, or with some of the high school runners who meet throughout the summer.

Coach Starkey and the boys high school Cross Country team have summer running most of the summer. He will have a schedule out very soon with dates and times – I sometimes am able to join these workouts – so I highly encourage you to come whenever you can!

If you have not yet signed up for the class messenger app, I encourage athletes AND parents to sign up so that you get messages from me over the summer and during the season.

Our first official practice is tentatively schedule for August 1st. (If this changes, I will send out a message on the class messenger app) You will receive a season schedule and an August conditioning schedule at this meeting. I highly encourage you and your parents to attend this meeting. Time and location will posted on class messenger as we get closer. (PLEASE, get your physicals in before that date, so that you can begin practicing with the team immediately!)

REMEMBER – the months of June, July and August will set the stage for the whole season! We had a great year last year, but you will have to work hard this summer if you hope to come close to last year’s success! Many of the experienced 8th graders have moved on to the high school leaving openings for new runners here at Lakeview. Who will step up in those first 7 varsity slots this year?? Enjoy your summer! August will be here before you know it – I hope you’re as excited as I am for the coming season! If you or your parents have any questions, feel free to call me 614-216-3439.

See you soon!

Coach Spring

Last Day of School - May 24, 2019

Early Dismissal for the Middle Schools at 1:30 pm!

Have a safe and Happy Summer!