Beating child labor

Beging to the end

How would you feel?

All through the Industrial Revolution the jobs, the places, the conditions that the adults did not work in the children had to. These children had no voice, they had no one to run up and kiss their cuts or bruises when they got hurt, they had no one to hug them and tell them everything was going to be okay. All they had were each other. They were hit, beaten, neglected, sopme even killed and they could not do anything about it they just had to take it. Now I want you to think what if this was your child or even you being put through all this hurt?

Their conditions

The factories they were forced to work in were not clean, they were not safe for these children! The conditions of these factories were large heavy and dangerous equipment. If something was to happen on a piece of this equipment and it had to be repaired on the inside the children were forced to go in there and fix the problem. Some kids didn't even make it out of the equipment before it turned back on they were killed inside, some got lucky and made it out but some lost a finger, or other body parts, They had to be fast and get out of there.


How many hours do you work? How much do you get paid? I bet you have enough to get you and your family by, right? Those children worked long hard hours sometimes they worked 19 hours straight with only one, 1 hour break. For all that work and they got paid nothing!