Monday Morning Memo: ECMS

Week #16 November 16-November 20

Expect ExCellence!

Words of Inspiration from Ms. Booth's Twitter posting...

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TEACH, LEARN, and be GREAT this week!

5- Day Forecast

Monday, November 16
  • Leadership meeting: 10:00am in the Principal's conference room
  • Posting window closes at 11:59pm
  • Local School Council meeting at 4:30pm in the Map room

Tuesday, November 17

  • Soccer: Evans girls @ EC- Game time 4:30pm
  • Soccer: EC boys @ Evans- Game time 4:30pm
  • Dental Van on campus

Wednesday, November 18

  • School Custodial APPRECIATION Day in Coweta County!
  • Attendance Meeting with School Social Worker: 1:00pm in the Principal's conference room
  • Department meeting at 4:00pm
  • Team meetings during planning period

Thursday, November 19

  • Report Card issued in homeroom
  • Principal Curriculum meeting at Central Office: 12:00pm
  • Soccer: Arnall girls @ EC- Game time 4:30pm
  • Soccer: EC boys@Arnall- Game time 4:30pm

Friday, November 20

  • TAA Session (Wear your college T-Shirt) and your Jeans
  • Happy, Happy, Happy Friday!

Thank you Ms. Davis for sharing the following words. We all need to be reminded to rest, relax, and replenish over the break!

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To Do List/Reminders

  • Data talks with Admin. are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. Check your email for your time.
  • REMEMBER to watch the Suicide Prevention video and PowerPoint before December 6th. Information was sent in a Google Form via email.
  • Mid-Year Conferences will occur this week.
  • Be sure to upload documents to TLE platform as requested.
  • Homeroom Teachers: Please discuss with students the importance of returning Affidavits (pink form) before December 18th.
  • This is the time to review your CLASS PROFILES. How are those students you listed as needing interventions progressing in your class? What is the plan to help them continue to progress in your class?
  • Take time to thank our custodial staff on Wednesday, November 18th.
  • Please check your SLDS often this week. It is my understanding that individual student test data will be available this week on SLDS.
  • The GADOE is asking teachers' opinions about TEACHER RETENTION in Georgia. Please take a few moments to complete the survey:

CALLING ALL ECMS TEACHERS: Open the Coweta Innovation Expo link for an opportunity for your students to shine!


Building positive relationships and developing a challenging and supportive environment so that rigorous standards can be mastered is our goal!

To develop a GROWTH mindset in students, you must CHALLENGE them...

For the sake of student achievement and school improvement, please think about the following questions:

  1. Who am I teaching? Use your Class Profiles and SLDS to help you answer the question.
  2. Am I teaching the standards as they are written? Ongoing professional discussions with your subject collaborative partner is important for answering this question.
  3. Are my activities, quizzes, and tests (all assessments) aligned to the standards? Do I give my students time to practice answering questions in the LANGUAGE of the standards? Online test prep programs such as USA Test Prep, Brain Pop, Study Island, GOFAR, Moby Max are great tools to help teachers align assessments and to give students opportunities to practice answering questions in the language of the standard.
  4. Did my students MASTER the standard? Online test prep programs are a resource to help you determine if your students mastered the standard.
  5. If a student did not master the standard, what is the plan to help the student sooner than later? Flexible Grouping is a great way to work with your subject collaborative partner to design meaningful remediation sessions for students who have not mastered the standards. Teacher tutoring is also another way. ECMS also has many school-wide Tier II programs to assist teachers as they help students master standards.

Check out our very own, Amy Huffer!

November Birthdays: Happy Birthday to YOU!

17- Mike Hancock

23- Philip Pou

25- Tiffany Busby

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