Welcome to Our Classroom

Learning to create, explore, investigate, and question.

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We will work together in our community to further our learning, brainstorming, and supporting each other's growth and progress.
Using technology in the classroom as an aid to help students further their knowledge, create story boards, solve math equations, and share ideas with their classmates.
Allowing students to express themselves through different medias. Students will have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with classmates.
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Students will always be safe and feel comfortable participating in classroom discussions and sharing opinions and ideas with classmates.

Metropolitan School District Washington Township

MSDWT offers a comprehensive educational curriculum with special activities and programs geared to provide enrichment, exploration, and instructional support for students. Parents have always played an active role in the operations of the district and each school furnishes a “Parent Center” to accommodate parents visiting the school.

MSDWT provides excellent opportunities for students to participate in outstanding performing arts, fine arts, academic teams, publications, athletics, and other student activities. North Central High School has the distinction of being Indiana’s number two high school in the number of Indiana athletic championships.

The MSDWT provides quality education in award winning schools built on a foundation of outstanding educators, administrators, school board members, and supportive parents. Our vision is “Superior Schools in a Supportive Community.” Come and experience tomorrow today in our school district.